You may have noticed that as part of the BBC’s ‘Big Night In’, Peter Kay is recreating his iconic Comic Relief music video to Tony Christie’s smash hit, ‘Amarillo’, our very own unofficial school anthem!

Peter ( I call hime Peter) wants to include you, yes you, stomping along to the original track to show your support for the night of fundraising. So to be in with a chance of making it into his final video, here are a few top tips.


  • DON’T worry at all about the sound on your recording; it’s a mime, so the BBC will sort that out, but DO make sure you are moving ‘in time’ to the tune.
  • DO focus on the images; the more creative and unusual, the better your chance of ‘making the cut’.
  • DRESS UP, not necessarily in your school uniform, although you can if you want to, especially if there are a few of you in the family. Mums and Dads too, if you’re a keyworker, show the world your stethoscope, or hose, if you’re a firefighter!
  • PROPS; use a ‘rainbow’ or a very simple message on a board.


  • You MUST film in landscape (not portrait) this is so that you clip fits the shape of the TV screen.
  • Upload your footage onto social media, tagging the clip with #BigNightInAmarillo, if you can’t do this, ask a friend to help and/or send it to us.
  • Send it to us anyway, we’d love to Tweet it on the school’s account @StStephensLBHF
  • Be quick, the deadline is 23rd April, so do it now, as soon as possible.

And finally, with ‘Amarillo’ an integral part of our identity as a community, it would be amazing if some of you could be a part of Peter Kay’s remake of his classic video, even for just a few seconds – you’ll go down in history.

Good luck,

Mr Schumm