St Patrick’s Day Quiz & Storytime…….. Remotely!!

St Patrick’s Day Storytime…….remotely!!

This Week’s Library Quiz……if you email 10 correct answers to you may get 10 house points!! (first 5 children)

  1. When is St Patrick’s Day?
  2. In which country do people celebrate St Patrick’s Day?
  3. What leaf symbolises Ireland?
  4. What colour do the people of Ireland wear on St Patrick’s Day?
  5. In the story I read, to which group of warriors does Oisín belong?
  6. Who did Oisín marry?
  7. What is the name of the land where people never grow old?
  8. What was Oisín warned not to do when he returned to Ireland?
  9. What happens when Oisín falls off his horse?
  10. How long had Oisín been away from Ireland?

♥You could also draw me a picture inspired by the story- I could show it on my next Library post♥