A Rainy Friday Update from Mr Schumm

Dear parents/ carers,

What a miserable day! And the weekend doesn’t look that good but we have had a great week and there’s nothing like wet play on a Friday to put a smile on your face!

I have just spent time with Year 6 in the playground where they are enjoying a massive game of conkers. This was superbly organised by Mr Gane and Miss Marchant, with all the health and safety precautions you can possibly put in place while you try to smash your partner’s conker to smithereens! A wet afternoon and a game of conkers – it makes your heart sing!

So, have you got your bag of ingredients for the Family Supper on Thursday, 8th October? For £5 you will get a bag of the most delicious ingredients to make Lentil Bolognese for six (Now don’t let the lentil bit put you off, you can always sneak in some mince to add a little meat to your dish and I promise not to tell anyone) and once you have made your dish, please take a photo of it, with all the family and send it to me. The best picture wins a family sized lasagne curtesy of Cookie – meat or veggie you choose! The recipe will be inside your bag of ingredients, you could perhaps buy some garlic bread and salad in advance. Your bag of ingredients will be available to collect from the school office next week. And don’t forget that bottle of wine delivered to your door by our friendly bar staff and myself – I knew I would get to wear that Deliveroo outfit again! Go straight to Parentmail and order now and you won’t be disappointed- if only for the sight of me in a Deliveroo outfit with a bag filled with wine cycling up and down the Uxbridge Rd!

I am thoroughly enjoying my time with Year 6 exploring the novel by Michael Morpurgo, Private Peaceful (picking up from where we left off with our zoom lessons during lockdown) – it’s a wonderful book and they are a real joy to spend time with. We are aiming to work our way through a number of exciting and diverse novels this year.

On Thursday Mr Perry introduced our virtual Harvest Festival before Miss Rachel struck up with the old St Stephen’s classic Cauliflowers Fluffy on the piano, zoomed to all the classes. Rev Denis then talked to the children about bacon butties and oats! If there’s one thing I have learnt over the last few months it is that there’s always a way to get around most obstacles!

Have a wonderful weekend.

Mr Schumm