A Message from the House Captains

A massive thank you to everyone who came to the Drinks Party and enjoyed our home made canapés and our meet and greet technique – at all the best parties you have your bag and coat taken
whipped off you in the playground and then delicately placed in a ‘heap’ in a room next to the atrium. As you may be aware we are currently collecting funds for our class trip to Whitby in the Summer, and for the charity Centrepoint.

On Monday evening we helped cook the meal for the guests from the Streetlytes Homeless Charity in St Stephen’s Parish Hall. We stayed after school and helped Cookie and Hattie prepare the food.
We then handed out food and chatted with the guests. At 6pm, we left Shepherd’s Bush, with Mr Schumm and some kind parents, and travelled to Berwick Street, in Soho, to visit one of the centres run by Centrepoint. At these centres they offer accommodation and support for young people in London, Manchester, the North East and Yorkshire – their aim is to give homeless people a future and want to end youth homelessness. We met Tracy, who took us around the centre showing us the accommodation and facilities they offer. We had lots of questions, which Tracy patiently answered. The visit really helped us to understand exactly where our donations are going and how it will help the young people.

An enormous thank you to everyone who came to the drinks party and dropped some dosh in our friendly buckets – we really appreciate your support and help.

Here are a few events we have planned for the New Year , so remember to keep these dates free and help support us and Centrepoint.

 1st March – Car Wash Day in the school playground
 26th April – Pop-up Restaurant in the school hall