A Friday Round Up and Lots of Dates for the Diary plus a Video!

Dear Parents/ Carers,


As I type this newsletter, the deliveries are arriving for our Mother’s Day lunch on Sunday. You still have an hour left to reserve a seat/ table on Parentmail, so why not go for it? A three course meal, a very large play ground with childcare and some very fine wines will be the order of the day and you can walk home. Go on you know it makes sense.


What a brilliant way to start the day- breakfast with Mums and Chums! We had a Mother’s Day playlist belting out and the food kept coming – as did the Mums and Chums. The sun was shining and it was so good to be back to normal celebrating Mother’s Day as we always did with a scrumptious breakfast. Next up the Dads and Lads in June!


Exciting news hot off the press, our Netball Team won the London Youth Games! Our team was selected to represent Hammersmith and Fulham and we beat all the other boroughs in London! This is a massive achievement for the team, Alastair and Clare, but a special mention must go to Clare who coaches the team and has done a sterling job. Thank you to all involved, you have made us incredibly proud.


Our Year 6 debating team came a very close runner up at the debating tournament at Latymer. The team were marvellous and their confidence and debating skills a marvel – to quote a parent at the tournament ‘you were robbed!’


The Year 5 Debating Team travelled to Queens Gate School to take part in a debating tournament, which saw both teams confidently winning a number of their debates. Again their confidence and enthusiasm was overflowing and they did a brilliant job. Thank you to the Mums who coached the children and helped to organise the event.


Thank you also to all those parents who zoomed in for Parents Evening this week, we look forward to sharing your child’s work at the Open Evenings next term.


The Easter Bonnet Parade on Thursday, 31st March at 9am is in the main school hall. Recycle, recycle, recycle and make those amazing hats. Think of a theme – the Platinum Jubilee? And create, create create and make the Uxbridge Rd come alive with a cacophony of creativity – think big!



Nowruz New Year

On Monday the whole school celebrated Nowruz. On 20/21 March, the Nowruz New Year is celebrated in many countries including Iran, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, many Central and South Asian communities, as well as in the Kurdish regions of Iraq, Syria, Turkey and even as far away as Mongolia. It marks the official beginning of the Spring equinox – the moment when the sun crosses the equator and day and night are of equal length. Cookie made a special Nowruz lunch for the children and we were joined by lots of parents.


French Cultural Evening Thursday, 31st March at 7pm in the main school hall.
Please join us for a superb evening of all things French! There is an opportunity to test your knowledge of French speaking countries and culture through a short quiz, some French food and wine, a can-can troupe of dancers and a discothèque with some cool tunes, why would you stay home? A perfect opportunity to celebrate our French community within our school and to end the spring term with a bang! Think champagne! Tickets available on Parentmail.
Here is a little video about the evening ahead from a man who knows his onions: Frenchnight on Vimeo


Easter Service- 1 April

Please join us on Friday morning on the last day of term at 9am in St Stephen’s Church for our whole School Easter Service.


I have enclosed key dates for the Summer term below. Please make a note of the dates or stick them on your fridge. More information will follow nearer to the events and further events may get added!



Do you follow the school Twitter account? If not, then why not give it a go; you’ll see lots of events that children from across the school have taken part in as well as photos, films and links celebrating these and forthcoming FOSS events too. Used to showcase the school’s achievements it’s also a way for you to ‘like’ <, share and comment too. We never mention children’s name and all is GDPR compliant – it’s a great way to keep in touch.


Have a lovely weekend and if you’re coming for lunch on Sunday see you there.


Mr Schumm





19th April – Inset Day

20th April – Children back to School

4th May – Tunnels of Hope Launch

5th May – Class Assembly Yr1 McNaughton

5th May – Year 6 Parents Meeting Spain

6th May – Grandparent’s Day (1.30pm – 3.30pm)

9th – 12th May – Year 6 SATs

16th – 20th May – Spain Yr 6

19th May – Class Assembly Yr1 Donaldson

19th May – FOSS Cabaret

20th May – DT Day

23rd – 27th – Spain Year 6

26th May – Children Break up for Half Term

27Th May Staff Inset Day

6th June – Inset day

7th June – Children back to School

7th– 10th June – Phonics Screening

16th June – New Nursery Parents Meeting

16th June – Year 6 Enterprise Day

17th June – New Nursery children to visit

17th June – Dads and Lads Breakfast (8am)

20th- 21st June – Year 2 Swanage Trip

23rd June – Class Assembly R Ahlberg

23rd June – New Reception Parents meeting

24th June – New Reception children visit

24th – 26th June – Isle of Wight Walk

27th June – Open Classrooms Reception and Year 1 (after school)

29th June – Open Classrooms Years 2-6 (after school)

29th June – Reception and Year 1 Sport’s Day Cricket Club

30th June – Year 1 Transition Meeting for Reception Parents

1st July – DT Day

1st July – Class Assembly R Milne

2nd July – FOSS Summer Fair

5st July – Meeting for Year 5 Parents regarding Secondary Transfer

12th – 14th July – Whole School Production

15th July – School Reports out

18th July – School v Church Cricket Match-Shepherd’s Bush Cricket Club

19th July – Sports Dinner

19th July – Prayer Day

20th July – Sports Day Yrs. 2-6 Perivale Athletics Track

21st July – Class Swap

21st July – Leavers BBQ

22nd July – Leavers Service

22nd July – Children break up for Summer