A Friday Night Round Up from Mr Schumm

Good afternoon,

What a busy few weeks! With two weeks left to go, we are in full Mamma Mia mode. Rehearsals are going well and the children are literally pulling out all the stops to deliver a top notch performance! When directing the children, I am finding it hard to keep a straight face due to their superb comedic performances and that’s not just my hammy jokes. Remember to play ‘spot the classics’ at the performances!

Thank you to FOSS for a spectacular summer fair and to all those who attended. The weather was kind, the food delicious, the stalls amazing and, with so many marvellous helpers, the fair ran smoothly.

You may need a large coffee and several biscuits now as it has been a busy few weeks and there’s a lot to tell you!

Tag Rugby

It was the turn of the Tag Rugby team to represent LBHF at the West London Games united by Birmingham Common Wealth Games 2022 that begin on 28 July. Sadly, they ran out of time to score a ‘golden try’ in the semis so were pipped to the final by try count; handling the disappointment very maturely.

Raworth Cup

After a week of Pelican Music School Competition heats, the two winners of the Raworth Cup were Caterina (Year 6) and Rose (Year 5). Massive congratulations to them both and to all the brilliant musicians that took part.

Anyone for Cricket?

Inspired by Joe Root, the boys’ cricket team were in action yesterday representing LBHF at the West London Games. They played 4 games of Kwik Cricket against some very stiff competition, winning 2 and losing 2. Most importantly, loads of fun was had. Thanks to the organisers.

Science Trip

An enriching Science Day indeed for children from Y5 and Y4 students held at St Paul’s Girls School. They made fruity batteries; observed plant cells under microscopes; witnessed wonderful demonstrations including Chemiluminescence (now that’s a word and a half!) and flame tests with different ions, topped off with a Michelin star worthy lunch!

Y3 Scientists

A group of Year 3 scientists were invited to the Royal Observatory Greenwich to feedback on the ‘Time and Longitude Gallery’; gaze in wonder at the Great Equatorial Telescope and watch a show in London’s only planetarium. They learnt that on Mars, there are volcanoes bigger than the whole of England and Wales!

Isle of Wight

What a superb time was had by all on the Isle of Wight – even Mr McInroy and Alastair’s constant banter aboard the ‘banter bus’ was amusing! Not Glastonbury 2022 for our merry bunch of campers, but an Isle of Wight festival with a difference! Hundreds of our community hiked 18k across the island to the Needles last weekend, raising huge amounts for FOSS with loads of fun en route! Thank you for all your sponsorship (don’t worry no link here!) – the money raised will make a difference to all our children.

If anyone is interested to follow up on the folk music we all enjoyed on the Saturday night on the Isle of Wight, and have a little souvenir, then CDs can still be purchased via Farewell to Vinland – Millicent’s Favourite (extremelynice.net) and/or stream and download from Spotify – Millicent’s Favourite

Liquid Leisure

Year 6 and Year 5 all packed on to a couple of coaches last week and headed to Liquid Leisure. Not quite the first type of liquid leisure that I had envisaged, but the water based adventure playground was a huge hit with the children who had a great time running, climbing and jumping on the inflatables trying to nudge (definitely not push) their friends and teachers in to the water. A highly recommended summer treat.

Then for lunch, we all headed to Eton College for a picnic with the Lower Master in her back garden. Sadly, the weather wasn’t playing ball, so instead we were invited into the oldest classroom in England still in use, which dates from the 15th century. After lunch, I was put ‘On the Bill’ for various misdemeanours, which I then had to explain to the Lower Master herself, who disciplined me, in a re-enactment of weekly audiences she holds with miscreants. Finally, the children visited the chapel for a brief history and Q&A with the highly knowledgeable custodian.

Reception and Year 1 Sports Day

Reception and Year 1 enjoyed a superb Sports Day at Shepherd’s Bush Cricket Ground. The children each took part in 6 different activities: the bean bag race, the dressing up race, the sack race, the egg and spoon race, the hurdle race and a target game with bean bags. The children were all awarded with lots of stickers during these races. They were all incredibly well behaved throughout the day and showed fantastic sportsmanship by cheering each other on and celebrating each other’s successes. A number of Year 5 children helped with events and they were fantastic to watch as they encouraged the children.

Year 2 Swanage

We had the most amazing time in Swanage. We were lucky to have two full days of glorious sunshine, which made the trip to Brownsea Island, the beach and our fossil hunt in Durlston Park extra special. The children were all so well-behaved and we had so many compliments from members of the public. I particularly enjoyed seeing their confidence grow over the course of the trip. One of the highlights was on the Monday evening when the Swanage Ladies Swimming Club gave us a preview of their swimming show on the beach and in the sea!

Baroness Floella Benjamin

Year 6 visited the South Bank for a talk given by Baroness Floella Benjamin, the well-known (to the more mature of us) presenter of TV’s Playschool at the BFI. The children watched the film of her autobiography, which they had studied at the very start of the year that brought in to glorious technicolour her wonderfully descriptive writing about her early childhood in Trinidad and the hardships experienced as a black family in London in the 1960s. During her talk afterwards, she explored the themes of difference, discrimination and anti-bullying, highlighting just how she adjusted to the challenges of her new life in Britain. Both Harry H and Ernie managed to catch her eye to ask great questions in the Q&A. She asked the children to leave the event truly believing her motto ‘I am worthy!’ suggesting they remembered her three Cs Show… Consideration, Contentment and Confidence all wrapped up in Courage – so 4 Cs. A woman of huge energy, before she left the stage, she gave the packed house an acapella rendition of Charlie Chaplin’s ‘Smile’, the lyrics of which she carries with her always

A Magistrate Visit

Rosemary, from the Westminster Bench, dropped by to speak with the children about the role of the Magistrate Courts in our legal system. She explained how the judicial system is structured and that Magistrates handle around 90% of all criminal cases passing ‘up’ the more serious cases to Crown Courts where trial is ‘by jury’. There were a series of ‘two truths and a lie’ questions fired at the children, used to dispel many of the myths around magistrates, before they were challenged to rank a list of crimes in order of seriousness. An interesting exercise, the children learned that the value of a theft for example is not the only criteria that magistrates take in to account when sentencing: who committed the offence makes a difference, as does where and when it took place.

Mamma Mia talk from Phyllida Lloyd

The Year 6 children were treated to a fantastic talk by Phyllida Lloyd, film director and producer, best known for Mamma Mia. She whizzed through how, after years creating ‘serious’ Shakespearean and operatic productions, she first directed ABBA the Musical on stage in the West End, before taking it to Broadway. The cast were in rehearsals on 9/11 and after much soul-searching , decided that they should continue and open just five weeks later – an inspired decision that began the healing process for many, including one Meryl Streep who wrote to thank the company after seeing an early performance. Some years later Phyllida had the call from Hollywood and was asked to make her directorial debut on the big screen with Mamma Mia! She shared lots of fascinating secrets with the enthralled class about how the movie was made, tested their listening with a quiz and then handed out gifts to everyone. What lucky children!

Reception Class Assemblies – two for the price of one!

First off the rank was Mrs Ghoul’s class who took us on an adventure into the world of mini-beasts. They were soon singing and acting up a storm. With loud voices and buckets of confidence they were a sight to behold!

This was swiftly followed by Miss Billington’s Reception class, who told us all about emotions. Dressed in various different colours to represent their emotions, they sang and danced their way through a variety of feelings and we even had a solo performance from Jack! Well done guys you were spectacular!

And that’s your lot. Hopefully, you have got tickets for Mamma Mia and, if not, I’m sure we will release some more next week. Look out for our new awning in the main playground providing shade and shelter from the rain – what rain I hear you say. We will be outside for our performances so Miss Whiting and I will be briefing the residents, next week, on 3 nights of memorable Abba hits and of course FOSS will be on hand with refreshments for our very own mini Abba festival!

See you next week!

Mr Schumm