A Friday Night Round Up from Mr Schumm

What an amazingly busy few weeks filled with lots of activities with even a school sleepover thrown in there for good measure! Sleep being the operative word! Just dusting off my sombrero so here goes!

Harvest Time

It was a great Harvest Festival Service with Denis on top form even giving us a song with his guitar! The children sang beautifully and their prayers were particularly poignant but as always it is their general exuberance which make the service go with a swing! Thank you for all your kind donations for the Upper Room charity – they had to bring a van there was so much!

Thank You or three

Thank you to all the parents who attended our Secondary School Talk and to Carrie and Celine for arranging it.

Thank you to Mr Faith for his very informative online safety parent workshops. Check out the computing page on the website for all the info – https://www.ststephensce.lbhf.sch.uk/teaching-and-learning/curriculum/computing/

Thank you to Mrs Pereira for a tremendous Hispanic Day – the sombrero has gone back into storage and that lovely pink polyester shirt is being washed!


Year 4 visit the London Buddhist Vihara

On Thursday afternoon, both Year 4 classes took a trip to the London Buddhist Vihara in Chiswick to hear about what happens in this place of worship and how Buddhists live their faith. A great time was had by all during this most interesting and informative trip.

Year 3 at the Royal Academy

Year 3 Nichols enjoyed a walk through Burlington Arcade admiring the window displays of the very upmarket shops on the way to the Royal Academy.  They were warmly welcomed by Amy and Harry for their Climate Change art workshop.  They were shown two pieces of art: David Hockney’s Canyon and Constable’s Leaping Horse and encouraged to think about the content of each picture – specifically colour – and how the colour red draws in the audience.  Then in a wonderful spacious studio with high ceilings, we were given charcoals and a warm-up exercise drawing rain, wind, storm and sun.  Then we had to cover our paper completely in black charcoal which created quite a mess!  Finally using erasers and paint, remembering that the colour red draws in the eye – we completed our climate themed pictures.  What a bunch of budding artists we are in Year 3!

Year 6 Class Assembly

Well, what can I say? This assembly was all about Schummy World! We had hair gel Schummy, Sun Tanned Schummy, Assembly Schummy, Cleaning Schummy – you name it there was a Schummy for every occasion and they all had a mask of my face! If I needed an ego boost that certainly did the trick! It’s always a little sad when we start the year with the class assemblies knowing the Year 6s assemblies will be their last, but they did us proud with their fantastic acting and singing – the slightly more mature Schummy loved it!

A Spot of Football with Wetherby Prep

Year 5 and Year 6 enjoyed an afternoon of ‘friendlies’ with Wetherby Prep. The teams were perfectly behaved and showed great sportsmanship.

Scientist in Residence

Our amazing Scientist in Residence, Mercedes, has been working with Year 4 last week and Year 2 this week. For more information https://www.ststephensce.lbhf.sch.uk/teaching-and-learning/curriculum/science/


Mental Wellbeing

Finally, it was Mental Wellbeing day on Tuesday. The children all had opportunities to think about how our mental wellbeing is as important as our physical wellbeing. The kitchen staff even laid on a fabulous fruit platter for all the staff as a lovely boost to their day. We continue to remember that all need to take good care of each other during challenging times.

Have a super weekend one and all.

Mr Schumm