A Friday Night Round Up from Mr Schumm


The sun is shining and summer is definitely here as Mr Faith is talking about getting his shorts out! I had the most wonderful time in Spain with Year 6 Zephaniah improving both my, limited, Spanish and cultural knowledge plus a great time on the beach and in the sea! It really is the most fantastic trip, which takes learning a language into a real life context for the children.


Thank you to FOSS for arranging a boogietastic disco last night! Great Caribbean food complete with a rather potent rum cake and punch, plus those energetic dance moves made for a night to remember!


This week the whole school has been engaged in Arts Week using the painting  Surprised by Henri Rousseau as their inspiration. Rousseau was a French painter born in 1844. He was an untrained – a naïve painter and his art comes under the category Post impressionism. Rousseau was best known for his bold pictures of the jungle, teeming with flora and fauna – thought you just might like a few facts.

The children have completed some superb work this week and you are all invited to visit the Arts Café on Friday, 16th June from 3pm in the main school hall, to view the children’s art work completed during Arts Week.

Baroness Blower

So great to see Baroness Blower back in the classroom this week chatting with our Y6 pupils, and one of hers of old (Mrs Bouwman) … She spoke about how the House of Lords functions, how Lords are appointed as well as answering some testing questions from very engaged children. We may well have some future parliamentarians in the making!


Our girls win the LBHF Cricket Tournament

This week our girls and boys took part in the LBHF Cricket Tournament at Shepherd’s Bush cricket Club – the boys came a very respectable second and the girls won!  What a fantastic achievement – well done all.


Represent the Borough at the London Youth Games

What a great day! Both our teams representing LBHF had so much fun in the sun. For the record the girls’ team reached the quarter finals, whilst the boys brought home bronze medals. Great work from coaches Alastair, Mr Perry and Jonathan, from Shepherd’s Bush Cricket Club and all organised by the amazing Clare.




Dads and Lads breakfast

Next week we invite all the Dads/ significant males in the family for a slap up Breakfast on Friday, 16th June at 8am in the school hall. Please confirm attendance via Parentmail and bring along some cash for the ever present buckets/donations.


Class Photos

Children will be sitting for the class photo on Friday, 23rd June – we kindly request that the children wear full winter uniform on this day.


Windrush 75

On Thursday, 22nd June, we will be celebrating the 75th anniversary of the Empire Windrush’s arrival at Tilbury Dock, and the rich culture and heritage members of the entire Windrush Generation brought with them from the Caribbean all those years ago. The day will be filled with a special assembly, workshops, children taking part in a concert on Shepherd’s Bush Green and we will end the day with a celebration tea party in the Year 1 playground for everyone. We would love parents to contribute to our celebration by making some delicious sweet or savoury Caribbean food to share – we will provide the punch!

As part of our recognition of this incredibly special event, we would like to create a living record of memories of this time. Where possible we would like parents / carers to interview (1 minute recording) any family members, friends etc. who may have a direct memory or a passed-down memory. We will then compile these recordings to share with our school community as a living record of this significant moment in history. Please email Jessie at j.john-brown@ststephensce.lbhf.sch.uk with your clips as she is amazing at making living history come alive on film!

Windrush Day will be a non-uniform day, and we would like the children to choose a Caribbean country and come in dressed in the colours of its flag.

Have a lovely weekend.

Mr Schumm