A Final Friday Night Round Up

What a week! What a school! What a community! We certainly never let the last week of term slow us down, we just keep going and adding a little more into the mix; the enthusiasm never stops and the smiles light up the school. Actually it’s just struck me…., I should have got Gabriel and Scarlett Kruger to write this as they were Head teachers for the day on Thursday and did a sterling job!


I am just back from an emotionally fuelled Year 6 Leaver’s Service! The sun shone in the playground and the children’s voices wafted through the morning air. Memories and prayers were shared, Alastair spoke movingly about taking their St Stephen’s values with them wherever they go and Denis had us praying for our whole school community.


We finished off the morning with a slide show reminding us of just how far the Year 6 have come from those first few tentative steps in Nursery and Reception. They are setting sail on life’s next great adventure and they are unique and will change the world!


Last night it was time for the Leaver’s BBQ where we listened to each child telling us about a different child in the class and what make them so special. Good company, delicious food and lots of happy memories filled the playground.


Sport’s Dinner and Sport’s Day

Monday evening saw us celebrating the sporting achievements of our children. Medals and trophies were given out in celebration of all things sporty but also very good conduct, most improved and good sportsman ship.  Thank you to Clare and Alastair for organising the evening and then moving on to Sport’s Day on Wednesday. The weather held for us at Perivale Athletics Track and the children were soon competing in their houses to an expert standard. Wesley were crowned champions of the day and completed a circuit of the track with their banner flying! As always it fills my heart with such pride to watch the children cheering each other on and supporting each other in races.


Prayer Day

The Prayer Group began Collective Worship on Tuesday speaking about John 4:13-14 – No Water, No Life. The children then listened to Waterfall by Chris Tomlin bit.ly/3XWMZtG learning to sing it by the end of the day. Every child wrote a prayer on a raindrop for display. Thank you to our amazing Prayer Group and especially Pip Prior who has spent over 16 years praying for our school and community. Our community is greatly enriched by your contribution.


Reading Challenge

It’s that time of year again! On Monday, Mandy kicked off the Summer Reading Challenge2023 (which this year has teamed up with the Youth Sport Trust) to inspire children to discover the power of sport and play through reading. Find out more and sign up at Special events for children and young adults | LBHF



As champions from the north of the borough, the Mayor’s Cup Girls’ Team played the champions of the south. Another draw, another penalty shoot-out and another winning pen by Viva – our very own Georgia Stanway. Lionesses of da’Bush! Well done to our superb team and this glorious victory!


The Fire Brigade

Year 5 called in the London Fire Brigade to explain about their service. The children learned about all of the prevention work that the fire brigade do and how they can play their part in good fire safety practice … “Mums & Dads, don’t leave your phones on charge overnight, it could be dangerous.”


The Lookout at Hyde Park

Year 3 loved their trip to The Lookout at Hyde Park.  They used their compasses and practised compass points and they completed maps by adding in key symbols for paths, plants, water and buildings.  Then each class was divided into smaller groups and given a pack containing an ipad, compass, map, clue and question sheet.  Each group had to find the answer to the clues and questions by working together to find the answers in a set time.  They had lots of fun exploring the local area outside The Lookout and nobody got lost, thanks to newly acquired orienteering skills!


A big welcome to Harvie who is our new Sport’s Teacher. Harvie has spent the week with us and is well aware of the importance of sport at St Stephen’s and has lots of exciting ideas for the coming year. Clare will work alongside Harvie to ensure a smooth transition.


On behalf of myself and the staff I would like to thank you for your cards and presents.  We send the very best good bye and good luck wishes to Miss Hall and Alastair and a massive thank you for all they have done for our school. We will miss them both.


So, we end the most wonderful year. I love St Stephen’s and all we have created here. Thank you to you all the parents who make me smile and the cheeky laughs at the school gate, your amazing children who never fail to impress and astound me, the incredible FOSS, which just keep rolling along with so many fantastic events, the astounding staff who give so much and support me with my crazy ideas! And of course GOD – thank you for holding our school in your hands when the water gets choppy and steering us towards the shore and shinning the sun on us – especially during the school play!


Have the most incredible summer everyone and see you all in September.


Mr Schumm