…not just here, but also down the road at Bute House, who kindly invited a team of leading Y6 mathematicians to take part in a Royal Institution Primary Mathematics Masterclasses programme that they were hosting. Aimed to ‘stimulate, encourage and inspire young people in the beauty and wonder of mathematics and to develop a sense of enjoyment in the subject, our team of four heard from a wide variety of Ri professors and lecturers and had loads of fun while learning lots of intriguing maths secrets.

“I really enjoyed the Ri Maths because what we were learning about was abstract and challenging. It showed us how Maths appears in everyday life, such as the probability on winning the lottery or fractals, which appear regularly in nature. My favourite session, however, was the final one when we had to use probability to work out how to win a game show!”


“At Bute House, we learned about different areas of maths that you don’t normally learn in class. It is very interesting because not only was it was very interactive, but we also learnt about probability in TV games and shows as well as doing lots of demonstrations about it. We also covered Möbius strips, which are clever bands that look like they have two faces and yet in fact have just one!


“I really enjoyed the Masterclasses because they taught me lots of new things that I didn’t know including how to easily solve a Magic Square and how to mathematically work out how to win games that are commonly used on TV shows. I also learned about a paradox, probability and Pascal’s Triangle too.”


“It was such a wonderful experience I loved every lesson especially the Magic Boxes and the Probability – I was so lucky to be chosen and am very grateful.


Thank you Bute House and Ri… can we come back next year, please.