A Friday Night Round Up from Mr Schumm

Good afternoon,

The sun is shining and the adventure playground is nearly flat! Thank you to all those amazing parents and former pupils, who have worked so hard to make such a massive difference – it is so appreciated! My only concern is what the children will do for entertainment at break times!

Hi Viz!
You can’t miss the new Hi-Viz bibs that our Y6 ‘Playground Buddies’ are sporting. What a fabulous job they do in leading games and playing with the younger children. “They are really fun and do good games!” – Through God We Achieve!

The London Youth Games
On Wednesday morning, the Athletics Squad took part in the Spots Hall Athletics competition at Sacred Heart High School. The senior girls ran the event brilliantly and we left delightedly at midday leading the field. But would go through to represent LBHF at the London Youth Games? After a nervous overnight wait, we were able to let the team know that their performance had not been beaten by the schools in the afternoon session, so WE ARE GOING to the London Youth Games to represent Hammersmith and Fulham! Huge congratulations to all involved.

And now for a few quick asks from FOSS – come on you know you want to get involved and, if you missed the ‘great playground dig out’, here’s your chance:

St Stephens needs some parental involvement in a few events which are vital in raising money for the school and which offer a great opportunity to work with others as part of a team

Christmas Raffle – 2/3 Parents
The school needs help coordinating prizes for the raffle – and what would a Christmas fair be without one! Ideally 2-3 parents will coordinate donations towards the raffle. All school parents will be encouraged via class reps to give prizes and to ask any local businesses to offer vouchers or prizes. We would need about 20 items. The task then involves the gathering in and storage of the prizes in the run up to the raffle and giving an extra push to local businesses to donate. You can still help with this even if you are unable to attend the fair itself on Saturday 10 December.

Christmas Wreath Making – please see the enclosed flyer for more details.

Bingo Night – 19 January – Coordinator
This is a great opportunity for a parent or team of parents who want to help the school fundraise but want a slightly ‘softer’ event to organise. Bingo has traditionally been an online night – with families competing from their own homes with the organisers in Mr Schumm’s office, helping him call out the numbers. As organisers, you can choose how you want to manage things but in the past there has been the option of offering dinner, made by Cookie, which parents can collect at pick-up time. Or work with the bar team for wine to be available too. Last year’s organisers are happy to talk you through what it involves, but it’s mainly keeping track of tickets/numbers and making sure the Bingo app is set up.

There are so many ways to get involved with our wonderful school. We would like to offer our parents and community another way to help especially if you own a business or work for a company looking to get more involved with our local community. You can sponsor an event, a portion of an event like the food or drinks or a ride and in turn we will include your company logo and promote your company to our school and local community! We wish to extend this opportunity to the school community first. Please do get in touch!
We are also looking for people to help drum up sponsorship from local businesses. We already have some relationships established but need a person to help oversee them. There will be people who can help and assist you within the school with previous contacts, outlines of how to manage the relationship, what sponsors get in exchange for what they pay etc. Do speak up if you are interested in finding out more!

Website Designer
If editing a website in a website builder (Wix) is something you can easily do in your sleep and you have 5-8 hours in November to spare, we would welcome your help to make our website and school initiatives a bit more tech advanced. We have brainstormed new ways we would like to share information and communicate with our school community. We have the text and images sourced but need help creating the pages and tools to make them come alive! Is this something you can help us with?

Graphic Designer
Our event posters are crucial to spreading the word and getting everyone excited about our upcoming events. If short on time, we are happy to help select images and source the text, we just need help bringing all the elements together to make a gorgeous looking poster and convert into a digital asset for our website. You will have more than a month before any event to create these, so if you are a Photoshop whiz, we need you!

Have a lovely weekend,

Mr Schumm