Online Safety

In early October 2018, Mr Faith and Miss Billington (St Stephen's Computing Coordinators), held a pair of online safety workshops. They plan on continuing to do this on an annual basis, but as some parents / carers who were unable to attend enquired about getting copies of the workshop's slideshow, along with it's accompanying handouts, we thought we would create this page on the school website for them.

They can be found via the links below:


Online Safety Workshop - Slideshow


Supporting Documents:

Are You An Oversharent (excerpted from Digital Parenting Magazine)?

Family Agreement - Template

Family Agreement - Advice

Keeping Under-Fives Safe Online

Live Streaming - E-Booklet

Supporting Young People Online


If you require any clarification on any of the points raised in the slideshow / handouts, please don't hesitate to contact Mr Faith or Miss Billington via email.

We hope you find the slideshow and handouts useful!