Highly Able Maths

Our Highly Able Maths program is taught by Mr Donal Coonan. 

Each second half of the term a selection of children, who are showing the highest levels of attainment in the subject, are brought together to develop their mathematical reasoning at a mastery level. Pupils are encouraged to start making links across the four operations and are challenged to solve puzzles and problems independently and as a group. The children are split into lower school (Years 2 to 3) and upper school (Years 4 to 6)  groups. This term Mr Coonan has been working with 22 children.


This term, the highly able students in year 1 and 2 have gone on a mathematical quest, estimating how long it would take to walk to the moon and back, creating number pyramids and cracking mystery numbers using logic. For the year 3 and 4 children, we’ve done a crash course in geometry, tried to find out how many prime numbers there are between 1 and 100 and asked the question: if there are camels and ostriches only in a zoo…and there are 60 eyes and 86 feet in total, how many there are of each animal…(can you work it out?!) For the year 5 and 6 children, we’ve designed a version of the rose window in Chartres Cathedral, got to grips with the Fibonacci sequence and found out that the chance of guessing correctly the order of a shuffled pack of cards is one in eighty million trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion…