Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education

Our PSHE curriculum is explored through a range of mediums at St. Stephen’s. Every day, pupils take part in assemblies where we explore issues such as respect, diversity, tolerance and relationships which also helps pupils learn about British Values. During our weekly library sessions, we read a book focused on important matters such as disabilities, race and gender to help us learn about the wider world and our roles within it. Every year, Coram Life Education deliver workshops across the year groups where our pupils learn about the following topics:

Every term, we hold  a special PSHE day. In the Autumn term, our theme is ‘Healthy Relationships’, the Spring term’s theme is ‘Health and Wellbeing’ and the Summer term’s theme is ‘Living in the Wider World’. These topics are then supplemented by class teachers across the curriculum.

Towards the end of Year Five pupils, learn about puberty and Year Six pupils take part in Relationship and Sex Education which is delivered by an outside education agency. Classes regularly take part in circle time which helps create the caring environment of St. Stephen’s through encouraging pupils to express their worries and concerns in a safe space. Talk Boxes are in the Key Stage One and Two buildings which emboldens all pupils to share their thoughts. A bi-weekly School Council meeting is held where whole school concerns are discussed and initiatives to make St. Stephen’s a better place are suggested by pupils.

Personal, social, health and economic education DfE Guidance




Relationships Education Meeting

In December 2019, we had a meeting updating parents on the statutory changes that will come into effect from September 2020.

Please click on the powerpoint to see the main ‘headlines’ that were discussed.

Relationships Education Meeting 12.19

Our next step will be to invite parents in to look through the resources we will be using from September 2020. We aim to do this in the Spring Term so keep an eye out for the dates.