Year 6

Welcome to Year 6 Stevenson. Our teacher is Mr Perry and our TA is Mrs Walsh.

Class Updates

Second Week Back

Dear Parents

As interviews start to come in for those children sitting the 11 plus, we continue to wish them the best of luck. Those that have interviews should just be their wonderful chatty selves and I’m sure that they will excel.

In Maths we have continued to look at percentages and fractions and word problems associated with themse topics. Towards the end of the week we moved on to the conversion of measure. This will continue into next week.

At St Stephen’s only do we have the support of specialist teachers such as Miss Rachel for music, Mrs Peraira for Spanish and Alastair for sport, but this year we also have the privilege of Miss Billington teaching the class computing. Guess which class I teach RE to in the meantime?

We are also incredibly lucky to have the joy of Mr Schumm teaching the class creative writing. Together they are reading and analysing the classic novel Animal Farm by George Orwell. I remember doing that one in high school! Quite apt in our politically challenging times. The children thoroughly enjoyed their first session yesterday and at the end of the lesson, after Mr Schumm left, it was lovely to hear them enthusiastically debating what they thought would happen next.

Science workshops have been running all week during which our Scientist-in-Residence Mrs McGregor has been tecahing  Year 5 and 6 about space. The children have been conducting their own experiments and have created a space research station which hopefully some of you came to see after school today.

Finally, a quick word on Boosters.  These kick off next week and we very much hope to have your support – these extra classes will be incredibly useful for SATs but are also designed to encourage your children to be the best they can be.  We have another assessment  week coming up soon which will provide a opportunity for the children to show me how much they have learnt!

Have a wonderful weekend.

Kind Regards

Alex Perry

Happy New Year


Dear Parents

Happy New Year and welcome back – I hope you have all had a lovely and restful break. It’s hard to believe but we are creeping towards the half-way mark. Time does go by quickly as we get older!

In Maths we have been looking at percentages and fractions. We have been discussing how important this knowledge is in life and how we use percentages every day, for example when we go shopping in the sales. Next week I will be giving them some word problems so that they can work out how much I can save on a shirt from Debenhams when there’s a 30% reduction!

In RE we have been looking at how Christian worship uses liturgy and how it can differ in different churches. We discussed who uses liturgy, which hymns are sung, and how we feel when we walk into church. As we move forward we will be looking at the ways in which Communion is celebrated and how icons and symbols are used in church. We will also look at the way we worship as a school through assemblies and church services.

In English we have started looking at poetry and we have been studying ‘The Kraken’ by Alfred Lord Tennyson. The children have started by breaking down the tough language within the poem to get to the meaning behind the prose.  They have come up with descriptive words and phrases to describe the Kraken and have used these to portray their own interpretation of this mythical creature. Next week they will be writing their own poem based on the Kraken.

I would like to take this opportunity to say good luck to all the children who have been taking 11 plus exams this week. I understand that this can be a stressful time for everyone and I sincerely hope that all their hard work pays off. The children have been very calm in class and have worked hard to catch up with work they have missed. I am proud of them all!

I very much enjoyed marking the Greek projects. I have been particularly impressed with the layout and the unique content. It has been wonderful reading about Greek myths such as ‘Theseus and the Minotaur’ and ‘Daedalus and Icarus’, battles and battle formations, Greek fashion and Greek theatre. It is a great feeling to learn from one’s students!

Kind Regards

Alex Perry

Friday 20th December

Dear Parents

Well it is quite unbelievable that we are already a third of the way through the academic year!

Thank you to all of you who came to our ‘Carols by Candlelight’ concert last night; I am sure you’ll agree the children sang and performed beautifully. It brought a tear to my eye! Well done to Year 6   for singing ‘The Holly and the Ivy’ so tunefully and to those that learnt lines and read in church so clearly and confidently. The solos were wonderful and the grand finale was full of passion and humour (thank you Miss Bell).

I have thoroughly enjoyed teaching your children this term. They are a fantastic and lively class and I’m loving getting to know them. We have worked hard this term but we have also had a lot of fun.  A few highlights which stand out for me are PGL, our brilliant class assembly on spreading hope, the D & T days and of course the wonderful Greek projects.  We’ve also been lucky enough to enjoy trips to the Lyric Theatre and the British Museum.

I have said it before and I will say it again. Your children are blessed to have a school like St Stephen’s but more importantly St Stephen’s is blessed to have them!

Thank you so much for all the Christmas gifts, you have all been so generous and it is hugely appreciated. Mrs Walsh and Miss Tami has also asked me to thank you on their behalf.

May I take this opportunity to wish you all a very happy Christmas and fruitful New Year. I hope you all have a lovely and restful break and look forward to seeing you in January.

God Bless you all.

Kind Regards

Alex Perry

As well as the homework we have set (see the website) there is also the optional choice to enter into a writing competition. Please see below.

The Daunt Books Children’s Short Story Competition.

All your child’s own work and must be between 1500 words.

You should email your story as an attachment to l.pereira@ststephensce.lbhf.sch.ukth February. Please put your child’s name, age and class as the email title and on the story attached.

E.g Mr Gane – class Y6 Ayres (Age 34) Please also make sure that the stories are typed, double-spaced and single sided. A copy of the children’s stories will be kept in a special folder in the Library for all to read and results will be announced in April 2020 and the winning stories will be published in during summer term.

Step back to Ancient Greece

Dear Parents

Well the term is now winding down… what I mean by ‘winding down’ is that it is getting even busier! The children are in and out of class so frequently that it is hard to know who is where! On Thursday lunchtime the choir took part in a Christmas carol singing competition in Westfield – Miss Rachel said they were amazing and as a result were runners up, winning £200 for the school. Apparently the soloists were wonderful.  

Speaking of singing … it was wonderful to see the dress rehearsal of the nativity. The class was wonderfully enthusiastic seeing their buddies perform – particularly when the cows got up to sing! On a similar note the children have been asked to learn the words for the carol they will be singing at the Carols by Candlelight service at the end of term and a few children have been asked to do readings as well.   

In my Maths class we have been continuing our work on fractions. We have been looking at calculating fractions for all four operations and then learning how to simplify answers and how to convert improper fractions in to mixed numbers. It has been a challenging topic for a number of children in the class and they have all worked really hard to get to grips with all the different methods they need to remember.   

As I am sure you are all aware, this class is very adept at arguing – and for once this skill came in very handy! In English this week, the children put pen to paper and wrote a letter to the Mayor of London asking him to either legalise graffiti or to come down stronger on those that currently ignore the law. The children were asked to include (and negate) counter points to show that they have understood the reasoning behind both sides of the debate. They then used this knowledge to independently plan, write and edit a letter to the Education Secretary asking for Miss Trunchball (From Roald Dahl’s Matilda) to be removed from her post as headmistress of Cruncham Hall. I have nearly finished marking their efforts and they have done an amazing job.

Speaking of research…’The Greek Projects’! I have been overwhelmed by the obvious effort that everyone has put into them – and by the authenticity and individuality of each and every one. It has been a long journey and one that I appreciate not everyone will have enjoyed. However I hope that you have all gained something from the experience. There is so much to appreciate and as I look around the room I can see a Pandora’s Box, a selection of Greek armour and weapons, a Parthenon an Acropolis, a Greek Trireme, Icarus wings, a labyrinth complete with Minotaur helmet,  lots of authentic looking pottery, a Trojan horse and some beautiful Greek clothing! And this was just my own class! There were equally amazing examples in Mr Gane’s class and prizes will be awarded over the next week or so – although I know that the judges are finding it very difficult to pick the winners. I can honestly say this will be the hardest set of projects that I have ever had to judge and I hope you managed to see them today. Congratulations to all the children and probably to some of the parents!

Kind Regards

Alex Perry  

Look out he's behind you!

Dear Parents.

It has been another busy week with lots happening in Year 6 at St Stephen’s. The children have been working incredibly hard in my Maths group to master the method for long division before moving on to fractions. It’s not easy and some of the class has struggled with the concept. For those individuals, I have suggested that they write the times table for the number they are dividing by in a column in their workings. For example if the sum is 8765 ÷ 45 then the children should spend a few moments writing out their 45 times table. This method has really helped children in the past and I thoroughly recommend it to all the children who find mental maths difficult.   

As I am sure you are all aware, this class is very adept at arguing – and for once this skill came in very handy! In English this week, the children put pen to paper and wrote a letter to the Mayor of London asking him to either legalise graffiti or to come down stronger on those that currently ignore the law. The children were asked to include (and negate) counter points to show that they have understood the reasoning behind both sides of the debate. I have yet to mark the letters, but looking over shoulders and based on input in lessons this week, I am expecting some persuasive and eloquent arguments.  Well done!

Sport matches have been coming thick and fast over the last couple of weeks, with many of the children out at events including football, tag rugby, netball and dodgeball (coming up next week). It is wonderful that there are so many opportunities for children at St Stephen’s and I know Clare and Alastair work tirelessly to find events to include as many children as possible. Thank you again to our marvellous sports teachers.    

On Thursday, we went to The Lyric Theatre to see this year’s pantomime Cinderella. It is usually excellent fun…I say usually because three years ago I was asked to come on stage at the end and dance with the Dame. I can’t help but worry that I might get picked on again, so my enjoyment of pantomimes has been ruined and unfortunately I was a nervous wreck for the duration of the performance!  However, it was a great show and the children thoroughly enjoyed themselves.  

As a little act of pre-Christmas cheer, I have decided not to give the children homework this week. I suggest that they use this now free-time to work on their Greek Projects which are due in two weeks. Please remind the children that they do have Matheletics which must be completed by Monday.

Have a brilliant weekend.

Kind Regards

Alex Perry   


Homework: Monday 20th January

Due: Thursday 23rd January


Please complete pages 36-39 on colons and semi-colons in the CGP punctuation book.


Write five sentences using five of your spelling words. The grammar focus this week is colons and semi-colons so please use one of these in each sentence.