Year 5

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Miss Mahon is our class teacher and Mrs Connor is our Teaching Assistant.

Please find below additional links to educational sites you may use in addition to the daily tasks starting 23/03/20.

Daily tasks will appear in the homework section of this page.

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Weekly updates

Class Updates

Thursday 7th May 2020

Morning All!

Starting from next week, we will be returning to one blog post a week and day to day information will be published on our Google Classroom page. Next week, I’ll continue ‘The Legends of King Arthur’ and pop it in the homework section until we finish it. I hope you’re enjoying it.

Don’t forget we have a Zoom call today at 11am – I’m so looking forward to seeing you all so I hope you can make it.

Finally please ensure that you are getting to know Google Classroom. This is your responsibility to get used to and the more you use the site the more confident you should be so be brave and keep going with it! You will be really proud of your achievements in this difficult time!

Tomorrow is a bank holiday so no work is being set so have a lovely weekend!

Wednesday 6th May 2020

Good Morning All!

I hope you’ve enjoyed getting to know Google Classroom so far. Let me know how you’re getting on. Just to keep you updated, now that we’re moving towards using Google Classroom we’ll be shifting back to the once weekly blogs starting on Fridays again (of course it will be Thursday this week due to the Bank Holiday on Friday).

I’ll be uploading the remaining chapters of the Legends of King Arthur over the coming days…alas Google Classroom got the better of me yesterday and I didn’t have the time to record the next two chapters BUT they will be coming soon!


Parents thank you so much for your support towards this shift in our online learning platform. Your patience and help has been wonderful and something I knew we could count on during these stressful times. As always I continue to ask for your good wishes while I still get to grips with this. Thank you once again.

Tuesday 4th May 2020 Chapters 15 and 16

Hello All!

Thank you so much to those of you logged on to google classroom yesterday! It is incredibly important for those of you who have not to get on there today as from tomorrow all work will be posted on that rather than on this site. The email Mr Faith sent to you yesterday should guide you through the set up process so please refer to that for specifics.

We’re here to help you through it and many of you have found it straight forward so far and thank you for being patient with us while we also get to grips with it.

Here’s the next two chapters- I hope you’re enjoying it!

Monday 4th May 2020 Chapters 13 and 14

Happy Monday one and all!

How was your weekend? I tried to keep nice and busy this weekend and I’m now on to scarf number two which will be posted to my best friend Lela – less holes with this one although there’s still time for it to go a bit wonky.

I’m afraid I’m walking a little bit like a duck as silly old Miss Mahon decided to do a little work out a warm up and now I’m paying the price. That will teach me to try and rush!

I hope you have all managed to keep busy but it’s perfectly fine to just have a little relax and moments of calm throughout the day!

Have a beautiful Monday and check your emails for Mr Faith’s update regarding Google Classroom.

Enjoy the next chapters

Friday 1st May 2020 Chapter 12

The first day of May is upon us! What a strange May it will be but I’m sure it will still be filled with patience, kindness and little treats where you least expect them. I think if this whole time has taught us one thing it has been to appreciate the smaller things such as a walk in the fresh air, trying a new recipe you didn’t have time for before or simply sitting and having a draw of something surrounded by your family. Well done Milligan Class for completing your first month in these circumstances and I promise good times will be coming.

Did you manage to send Captain Tom a birthday card? What a remarkable gentleman – and proof that you never know how much an affect you can have!

Here’s an extra little activity about the wonderful Captain for you to enjoy should you wish.

Captain Tom Moore Resource – April 2020

I’m going to add some pieces you’ve been sending to me to Monday’s post so keep your eyes out.

Only one chapter today but enjoy!

Thursday 30th April 2020 Chapters 10 and 11

Hello Everyone!

Happy Thursday! Nearly the end of another week and I’ve loved seeing all your efforts with this week’s tasks.

On top of planning lots of lovely things for you to do I’ve been trying to learn some new skills myself and yesterday I made Japanese soufflé pancakes which I have to say were delightful!

I’ve also finally learned how to do Sudoku after years of saying ‘It’s too hard!’. You’ve also of course heard of my wonky scarves that I’m learning to knit but I’m keen to hear if you guys have learned any new skills? Is there something you thought you couldn’t do but now can? Have you finally got round to learning something you’ve been desperate to do? Let me know and inspire me with what I could learn to do next.


Enjoy the next two chapters!

Wednesday 29th April 2020 Chapters 8 and 9

Hello Milligan Class!

How are we all doing today? I hope you have stuck up your stars from yesterday’s wellbeing activity to remind yourselves of how fantastic you are.

I had a rather dull day yesterday as the rain was slightly off putting but I’m determined to go for a long walk today and blow away the cobwebs! Weather like this makes me grateful to have a hot meal on my table and a roof over my head – it’s so easy to take these things for granted sometimes.

I’d love to hear if you have any ideas for non screen tasks that we could all share – particularly if there are any chores you’d like to learn to do. Let me know and ping me a line!

I hope you’re all enjoying The Legend of King Arthur- here’s chapters 8 and 9.

Tuesday 28th April 2020 Chapters 6 and 7

Hello Year Five!

How did our first day back go? I’ve been sent some fantastic presentations about the Egyptians as well as seen your efforts on J2E so keep up the good work and do keep sending bits!

I an hardly believe that today is the fifth week since we started this strange journey but once again I have to reiterate how fantastically you have all managed this odd time.

As the weather is set to be rather miserable for the next few days, see if you can cheer each other up and give your parents an extra cuddle and kind word.

If you’re at a loss as to what to do I’ve put a little post on J2Webby on the J2E site all about your favourite songs so have a little look at that if you get a chance!

Log on to J2E – click on J2Webby- Milligan class. Remember I moderate all comments so remember your learning about e-safety! Enjoy the next chapter 6 and 7

Chapter 6

Chapter 7

Monday 27th April 2020 Chapters 4 and 5

Happy Monday one and all!

How was your weekend?

Mine got off to a wonderful start when I managed to chat to some of you and Mr Schumm in our Zoom chat! It was lovely to see you all and was a stark reminder of  just how much I miss you guys!

I hope you’ve had a wonderful weekend and enjoyed the beautiful weather while you could as it seems April showers are on the way. However as my Nana June always says – it’s good for the plants at least!

I seem to have gotten a little over excited and have given you quite a few activities today but DO NOT PANIC if you don’t get them done – as always I’ll keep them up all week for you to come back to at your leisure.

Enjoy chapters 4 and 5 and have a lovely Monday! Apologies for uploading in two bits the file was too big upload as one big chunk!

Friday 24th April 2020 Chapters 2 and 3

The end of the week is upon us!  I’m so looking forward to seeing you on our Zoom chat later on along with Mr Schumm!

Well done for all your efforts this week – I particularly enjoyed reading the delicious recipes you sent to me as well as your poems inspired by Mars! Don’t forget you can type them on J2E and I can respond directly to them or take a picture and send them to me if you wish (it’s not compulsory though)

Fantastic work once again guys- enjoy these two poems Ila and Marina sent!Ila poem

And of course here’s chapters 2 and 3 of the Legends of Arthur!

Thursday 4th April 2020 and Chapter 1

Hello there on this beautiful Thursday morning!

I hope your week has been going well and you managed to refresh your Spanish skills with the tasks Mrs Pereira has set on her Spanish page.

Also we’ve all been missing you desperately so myself and Mr Schumm would like to invite you to a Zoom chat this Friday at 10am. These are the log in details you will need:

Meeting ID: 845 2622 6355
Password: 3Wk9Qx

and looking forward to see you there if you can make it!

I also thought we might all be getting a little bored so I thought why not start a class book?

It’s only a little snippet but sometimes this is all you need to get your imagination going! I’ve started to read The Legends of King Arthur from our school library and you can listen to chapter 1 below.

I hope you like it as well as today’s tasks!

Wednesday 22nd April 2020

Aaand we’re in the middle of the week! How has that happened? Well I finished my scarf yesterday…just in time for summer so not the best time BUT I must say it’s great to finish a project.

Have you guys been working on any additional projects or tasks? Do let me know and send me pictures it would be lovely to see!

I hope you’ve all enjoyed some sunshine today in whatever capacity – a breath of fresh air can do wonders for the brain.

Have a wonderful day and parents don’t forget to please pop me a line if you haven’t already done so please!

Tuesday 21st April 2020

Good morning!

How did our first day back go? I’m so sorry for the website issues apparently you were all so eager to get back to it that our website crashed! Thank you so much for your tremendous patience yesterday (as always). A huge thank you also to everyone who emailed me to let me know that you’re all okay – it’s been lovely to hear what you’ve been getting up to over the Easter break – if you can call it that?!

I was in school on Friday and Monday which was so lovely to see our familiar halls but my goodness I was missing you all! I can’t wait to get you all back in that classroom but in the meantime keep up the good work!

Enjoy today’s activities!

Monday 20th April 2020

Hello HELLO!

It’s good to be back to..well not normal but it’s good to be back in some sort of routine – how do you feel about getting back to some school tasks?

I hope you had a wonderful Easter – I’ve already seen a few of you have demolished your chocolate treats which I don’t blame you at all. In fact I’ll let you know that my Easter egg was consumed far too quickly.

We’re kicking off this week with a mixture of activities including the start of our new Humanities topic ‘The Ancient Egyptians’ which was my all time favourite topic in primary school. It’s such a shame that we can’t get to grips with this in the classroom but hopefully we can still engage with this fantastic period in history.

Our maths topic is going to be decimals for the next week or so some remind yourself of your place value understanding and DON’T PANIC!

I have a small favour to ask also…please can all parents just drop me a quick line to say that everyone is okay and let us know how you’re getting on?

Also just one more reminder – please do not stress about getting all these activities done everyday. Have a go when you can and let me know how you’re getting on!

Friday 3rd April 2020

Well by hook or by crook we have made it to the end of term! I’m looking forward to seeing your digital Easter Bonnet efforts although I’m sure we will all miss strutting our stuff in the hall like usual.  Here is my rather desperate attempt…So come on guys I’m sure you can do better than that!

We won’t be setting daily tasks over the Easter break but I am gong to update the links above on our homepage so rest assured you’ll have things to keep you busy.

I have to say an almighty well done to every single one of you Milligan Class. You have been utterly fantastic in adapting to these unusual circumstances and I am incredibly, incredibly proud of you!

Mr Perry (our RE coordinator) has made a post on our website called ‘Celebrating Easter At Home’ and I urge you to have a look at that with some ideas on how to enjoy this special period.

Earlier in the week, I wrote a post called  ‘Mental Health Matters’ which has some great links for you and your parents including cosmic yoga which I think fits into our space theme quite neatly.

Have a good rest over the holidays and look after each other…don’t forget those washing up skills do not expire this week and keep helping out.

Keep emailing me and letting me know how you’re getting on,

Miss Mahon


Thursday 2nd April 2020

Another day down! It’s been so lovely to hear what you guys have been getting up to and I’ve been incredibly impressed with how you guys have been responding to some of the tasks we’ve been setting. All these little ‘life skills’ are so useful to learn and even at my old age you still need practise. Why just today a little pompom on one of my favourite jumpers fell off however I thought would my Year Fives do now? Well sew it back on of course! So all your efforts are still inspiring me – thank you!

I hope you have a beautiful day and enjoy the tasks today – I’m off to try and make an Easter Bonnet which I’m sure will lead to questionable results. How are yours getting on?

Wednesday 1st April 2020

Well I have been writing a little bit at the beginning of each homework section but I thought it might be quite nice to check in on the blog too!

How are we all doing? I hope you’ve had some good jokes so far – I’m trying to resist the urge to jump out at my flat mate every time he comes into the room.

It’s been lovely receiving some of your pieces that you’re proud of so I thought I’d share some of your efforts. Don’t forget to look at J2 webby for some excellent book recommendations from your peers. Speaking of J2E, I’ve responded to your pieces of work so feel free to have a look!


Friday 20th March 2020

Well ‘what an odd week’ is a slight understatement. Obviously, none of us wanted this to happen but as our numbers have understandably dwindled, we have had to reassess how St. Stephen’s will look over the coming months. Our pupils have been resilient, positive and kind in what has been an incredibly surreal week. Thank you for your understanding, support and well wishes you have directed at us as well as adhering to the government advice of keeping ill children at home. We appreciate everyone working as a team and what is St. Stephen’s if not one huge lovable team?
From Monday, we will be setting specific tasks for the children to complete. Anyone who would like to email for help or clarification about a certain task is encouraged to do so but do not feel you have to feedback about each task – these are tasks to help add structure, keep topics fresh and stimulate the old brain cells. I will try to vary the context of each task with some activities needing time on the laptop as well as some non-screen and pastoral tasks. Mr Cookson and I will greatly appreciate your patience while we get used to this new way of working – we will get some stuff right and some stuff wrong.
We must stress that everything we set is optional. We know that getting children to do school work at home is sometimes a real issue and at this stressful time, our intention is not to add to your worries. Do what you can, leave what you cannot – your children will catch up on what they miss when we come back.
On our Milligan Class homepage, I will be leaving a selection of links to other education sites that you are welcome to use. This will be updated as we go.

Once again thank you for your continued support. I hope you and your loved ones stay well, stay happy and stay safe.

I look forward to talking with you all on Monday,
Miss Mahon

Friday 13th March 2020

Back to normal this week (well as normal as we can be in these times) and it has been lovely to get back into the usual routine. Parent’s Evening bookings have now gone live so please do book a ten-minute slot for the 25th or the 26th March. If these times do not work for you please do not hesitate to get in touch and I am more than happy to see you at a more convenient time.

This week, we said our farewells to Stig when we imagined what would happen if Barney invited our caveman round to lunch at his grandma’s house. It gave us a great opportunity to use words like ‘feral’, ‘unkempt’ and ‘tatty’ as well as letting the Year Five’s independently consider how to pull the reader in. It is wonderful to see our pupils progressing in their independence as we move towards their final term in Year 5. Having sent Stig packing, we then moved on to our new unit on information texts. I do not want to give too much away just yet, but our unit will be tying in with our science unit on space and perhaps one or two close encounters.

This week, we continued to focus on fractions. We started the week with considering how to compare two fractions when the denominators are different and then moved on to represent this visually. After we had finished this, we moved on to recapping adding fractions with the same denominator and then moving on to adding fractions with different denominators. Next week, we will move on to subtracting fractions with different denominators. The children may have also told you that we often do the number challenge ‘countdown’ inspired by classic show and I must say over the past few weeks I have noticed a marked improvement in timing and approaches to certain challenges. Well done Year 5.

Please do sign up for Parent’s Evening or arrange an alternative time with myself. Please note that I cannot rearrange anything on the day of the meeting and all parents must have appointment before showing up.
Please equip children with tissues when coming into school and talk to them about the seriousness of washing their hands – I’m afraid myself and Mrs Connor are still being sneezed and coughed upon a lot. Arts Café is today so please do come along and have a look at some of the pieces your children created.

Spellings and Grammar
Creative writing task
Times Tables

Have a lovely weekend,
Miss Mahon

Friday 6th March 2020

What a wonderful few week we have had in celebration of Arts Week and World Book Day. I was blown away by how fantastic Milligan Class looked in their costumes and it was great to see that their enthusiasm was still infectious. Our focus was on Gustav Klimt’s ‘The Tree of Life’, which gave us mounds of inspiration for our various activities. We started the week with a fantastic workshop kindly led by Grace Wilder where we decorated biscuits, which altogether created a marvellous masterpiece inspired, by our painting. In the afternoon, we were treated to a performance of ‘Treasure Island’, which all children thoroughly enjoyed. Throughout Monday and Tuesday, we created our own version of the painting using abstract shapes before using oil pastels to focus on the individual woman in the painting. On Wednesday, we learned the art of quilling and created spirals to stick on to a tree outline each pupil sketched. This was fiddly work, which required a lot of patience from us as well as nimble fingers, but the affect was quite mesmerising when finished. On Thursday, we started to manipulate images of ourselves to create our own wonderful costume inspired by the images on the picture as well as practising our sketching skills and seeing the impact of a single colour being used on a black and white sketch. Today, all pupils have a creative writing workshop with Mrs Pereira and a history lesson with Mr Schumm where he will educate the pupils on the history of the painting and the artist.

Spellings and grammar
International Women’s Day Homework
The 8th March is International Women’s Day which we celebrated last year to great success. This a fantastic opportunity to celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. This week, we would like you to research and create a poster/fact file/presentation about a female author or journalist.
• where they were born
• age
• how many pieces they have written
• what is your favourite piece by them and why
• what you enjoy about their work
• where can you find their work
• don’t forget to include a picture of your author

We look forward to seeing your fantastic ideas and learning more about the impact of female authors.

Have a lovely weekend,
Miss Mahon

28th February 2020

It’s good to be back! Thank you for being very patient with us at the end of last term and for your very kind enquiries about my foot which is well and truly on the mend. We had a wonderful, if not slightly soggy, trip to the Royal Observatory in Greenwich on Monday as part of our science unit ‘Space’. We took part in two workshops over the course of the day which included a trip to the Planetarium where we got to stare at the stars and marvel at the sheer size of our galaxy (and many others). As always, Milligan Class were real troopers as we trekked across London and marched up the (rather steep) hill to get to the observatory and were excellent representatives of our little school.
On Wednesday, we had a morning of PSHE where our focus was on ‘Health and Wellbeing’. We had a fantastic discussion about a human’s emotional needs and how important it is to recognise these needs when trying to stay healthy. Following on from this, we then discussed the difference between an addiction and a habit questioning when one becomes the other. I have to say I was totally taken aback by how insightful and dare I say ‘grown up’ Milligan Class were when discussing these topics. They offered thoughtful, interesting and mature points of view which we will continue to discuss throughout the term.

This week, we continued with our quality text ‘Stig of the Dump. On Tuesday, we read the next chapter of our book and picked out any exciting vocabulary that we want to use in our final piece. As it was Health and Wellbeing Day on Wednesday our next English lesson was on Thursday and we wrote a persuasive piece as estate agents in order to try extoll the virtues of Stig’s home and sell to an unsuspecting buyer (perhaps a starter home..). On Friday, we will plan and begin to create an imagined scene where our protagonist comes to tea with I’m sure interesting results.

This week, we continued with our understanding of fractions with converting mixed number fractions to improper fractions. We then moved on to comparing fractions with different denominators which used our factors knowledge. Next week, is of course Arts Week but following this we will move on to adding fractions with different denominators. As always I urge all parents to encourage children to practise their multiplication facts.

Please ensure all children come in with their own tissues (antibacterial gel is welcome too)
Jumpers and cardigans are sorely needed due to the very chilly weather
Arts Week is next week and therefore we will have Kick London on Tuesday and there is no gymnastics.
The Year Six teachers request that all parents read and respond to the letters regarding PGL in the next academic year.

Spellings and grammar sentences
Extra grammar
Times tables

Have a lovely weekend,
Miss Mahon

14th February 2020

And so we have reached half term! We finished off with a bang with DT day on Thursday where Milligan class crafted some magnificent bridges with that primary school classic – lollipop sticks! By all accounts they had a great time and massive thanks to Mrs Connor who saved the day on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday after I took a tumble in class on Wednesday morning. I’ve made good friends with my crutches and have a particularly fetching purple foot but it’s not sandal season just yet so I won’t inflict that on the world. Thank you so much for your emails and kind wishes. 


This week, we have been getting to know the fantastic ‘Stig of the Dump’. We have developed our inference skills after reading the first chapter of the book, identified 5 useful things we would like to give Stig in his cave before reviewing the first chapter and using our retrieval skills to identify where Stig’s cave is. On top of getting to know Stig and Barney, we also learned about the use of parenthesis (brackets to you and I) and how they can be used to add more detail for the reader. We will continue working with Stig when we come back after half term. 


This week, we have started on our latest maths topic ‘Fractions’. I was very impressed with how much Year Five remembered from our learning last year. We kicked off with refreshing our understanding of equivalent fractions before moving on to converting improper fractions to mixed number fractions and vice versa. When we come back after half term we will be learning how to compare fractions with different denominators. 


We have our trip on the first day back – PLEASE ensure you have paid on ParentMail otherwise we cannot take your child on the trip. All children must have a packed lunch, backpack to carry it in and a coat. Our learning session finishes at 2:30 so please be prepared for us to be back a little bit later than 3:30 but we will keep you updated on the day as much as possible. 




Spellings and sentences 


Multiplication facts 

Have glorious half term and I hope you all manage to get a well earned break,

Miss Mahon

Friday 7th January 2020

Who can believe it’s the beginning of half term next week? As always Spring Term is flying by and we are trying to make each day count. Today is ‘Coding Day’ and this week we have used the programme ‘Scratch’ to create algorithms for our very own game. This is building on the skills that Year Five learned last year where they made a ‘sprite’ dance using certain algorithms. It’s remarkable to see what 9 and 10 year olds can do today!

This week, we started by spending the first two days writing our newspaper reports on an alien attack in Shepherd’s Bush. I was utterly gripped when I read what Milligan class had to offer and I’m sure we have some journalists in the mix ready to break the next big story. Our next unit will be focussed on one of my favourite books (which I can remember doing in Year Five myself) ‘Stig of the Dump’ and of course will be a fiction unit.

This week, we carried on with consolidating our knowledge of the short division method with multi step word problems on Monday and Tuesday before moving on to something a little different on Wednesday which were balance problems. This is where you have two calculations and both problems have to equate to the same answer e.g. 2 + 5 = 1 x 7. Following on from this, we finished the week with learning how to interpret brackets in calculations. Next week, we will begin to explore fractions.

We have lots of germs floating around at the minute so please send children in with a packet of tissues they can keep on them, remind them to wash their hands if they are coughing and sneezing as well as using the ‘vampire cloak’ method. Feel free to ask your children to demonstrate this!
Our trip is on the first day of term after half term so please ensure you have paid via ParentMail so we have permission to take you child. All children need a packed lunch.

Extra Grammar (you lucky ducks again)
Spellings and Grammar
Times Tables

Have a lovely weekend,
Miss Mahon

Friday 31st January 2020

Friday 31st January 2020

Thankfully we have had a glimpse of sun amidst the heavy rain and searing cold and a result we definitely feel a whisper of spring in the air which I for one am very grateful for and I’m sure you are too. Milligan Class were of course glad of the blue sky making an appearance as they enjoyed bike training this week where they learned how to keep themselves safe on the streets of London.

This week, we have started to get going with our unit on Newspaper Reports where we learned the difference between active and passive voice. On Tuesday, we looked at an example piece which we will use as our exemplar throughout the unit. From this piece we looked at the specific language features that we will want to use, how the formal tone is created as well as the function of each paragraph. Following this, we then learned some shocking news that aliens have landed on earth and of course we need to write a newspaper report about it. This is what we will continue to work on next week.

We started the week, by consolidating multiplying two digit by two/three/four digit values together using the column method. Using our understanding, we applied this to solve multistep word problems. Having built our confidence with this, we then moved on to refresh our memory of the short division method we learned in Year Three. We then moved on to using this method with remainders and applying this to problems in context. Next week, we will look at using brackets in calculations and applying our multiplication and division problems in range of contexts.


We have a trip on the first day after half term so it would be greatly appreciated if you could pay on ParentMail as soon as possible. Thank you for your support.

All children must where a jumper/cardigan during this chilly weather

As coughs and colds once again erupt in the classroom, we would appreciate if you can send your children with a little pack of tissues they can keep on them and remind them of the importance of covering their mouth when they cough or sneeze and then washing their hands. Myself and Mrs Connor are eternally grateful.

Spellings and grammar
Extra grammar
Times Tables

Have a wonderful weekend,
Miss Mahon

Friday 24th January 2020

We started with a lovely sunny week however it seems to have finished with dark, grey clouds! It’s a good thing I’ve got the wonderful Milligan Class to cheer me up! We’ve had another lovely week which has of course been jam packed full of learning and laughter.

This week, we started by editing our stories to ensure our pieces made sense and left the reader feeling hungry for me. Using a thesaurus we up levelled some of our more basic words with some fantastic alternatives before evaluating if our punctuation and grammar was correct. Following our editing session, we then spent the next couple of lessons writing out our myths to include our edits. Of course I then had the pleasure of reading the many new myths and was totally blown away by the efforts that each and every single member of Milligan Class put into their stories. By Friday, we were ready to start a new unit on ‘Reports’ and looked at the function and features of a newspaper report. We will continue on with this unit until half term.

This week, we finished off our unit on Perimeter and Area with a small assessment that everyone did fantastically in. Hungry for more, Year Five swiftly moved on to our final multiplication and division unit. Having become confident with the column method we learned last year, where we multiplied 1 digit by 2/3/4 digits, we expanded our understanding of this by multiplying 2 digits by 2 digits and then multiplying 2 digits 3 and 4 digits. I was very impressed with how easily Year Five made the jump which of course meant we could build on our understanding by tackling some reasoning problems. Next week we will work on word problems and using the short division method.

BIKES NEED TO BE IN 27th for bike training all of this week. Please ensure all pupils have a helmet and a lock if possible.

Children MUST be in for 8:55.


Spellings and grammar sentences
Times tables
Mathletics –please note that Miss Mahon’s homework that would normally be due today is due on Monday due to a blip with the setting. Normal allocation will resume next week.


Have a lovely weekend,
Miss Mahon

Friday 17th January 2020

Another great week has passed us by and it seems hard to believe that we have already been back for two weeks. On Tuesday, we had a lovely session in the Life Bus from Coram Education. Every year, we see the bus park up on our playground and each class from nursery to reception gets a session teaching us about friendships as well as physical and mental wellbeing.

This week, we have been carrying on with our unit ‘Myths’. Using myths such as Pandora’s Box, How the night was made and the Minotaur as inspiration we plotted out our own ideas. Milligan Class came up with some fantastic ideas about where colour, rain or even rainbows came from. On Wednesday and Thursday, we wrote up our versions of the myths before using our editing skills today to put our finishing touches on our stories which we will get the chance to share on Monday.

This week, we have been continuing our unit on Perimeter and Area. We started the week by finding the area of compound shapes using our multiplication knowledge before moving on to finding the area of irregular shapes which had us using our estimation skills. Today, we finished the week with having a range of perimeter and area problems to solve applying our knowledge from last week and this week.

All children need to bring bikes and a helmet (preferably with a lock) on the week beginning 27th for bike training. Parents were sent a permission slip letter last week
Please ensure all children are in school by 8:55 everyday.
Jumpers and coats are needed in this horrible weather

Grammar and spellings
Extra grammar
Times Tables

Have a lovely weekend,
Miss Mahon

Friday 10th January 2020

Happy New Year!
I hope you had a wonderful break and managed to carve out a few days of peace and quiet over the two weeks. Everyone has returned refreshed, revived and dare I say taller? The pupils that is of course not the adults…I think.
Once again a huge thank you for your tremendous generosity towards myself and Mrs Connor. It is incredibly kind of you and we loved the beautiful cards which were decorated with Milligan class’ Spanish adventures – they will be something I keep forever along with your kind words.

We were straight back into it with a new unit focussing on Myths and Legends. We started by looking at a variety of creation myths from around the world and began to make a list of features these tales included. We decided that most of them were from ancient civilisations and passed down by word of mouth. They usually include a supernatural element and explain why something is the way it is. We then moved on and looked closely at the classic myth Pandora’s Box and created our own retrieval and inference questions based on the text. Following this, we went on to write a piece as Pandora herself. Of course some myths have a monster that strikes fear into a particular hero’s heart and so we finished the week creating our own mythical beast and describing in detail its wicked ways.

In Maths we also started a new unit on ‘Perimeter and Area’. Building on what our Year Fives did in Year Four we revised what these two words mean but this time we went straight into using addition and subtraction to find the missing values in compound shapes. Once we felt confident on this we started on finding the area using multiplication. Next week, we will find the area in irregular shapes before moving on to word problems and a little assessment. As always we have been practising our mental maths each day and this week, we have been particularly focusing on adding and subtracting larger mental values.

Please ensure reading books (including free readers) are brought in every day

PE kits are needed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays

A letter has been sent regarding bike training sessions that will be taking place on the 27th January. Previous year groups have taken part in this training and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Please refer to the letter sent home on Wednesday 8th for the full details. If your child does not have access to a bike or can’t ride a bike please do let us know and we will do our best to help you.

Spellings and grammar sentences
Times Tables

Have a wonderful weekend,

Friday 20th December

Friday 20th December 2019

We made it! This is always the longest and sometimes hardest term as the temperature drops and darkness descends however it has been a real pleasure and privilege getting to know Milligan Class. They are such a wonderful, caring bunch of children and I’m thoroughly looking forward to the next two terms with them in 2020.

Milligan Class gave a wonderful rendition of ‘Walking in the Air’ at the Carol Service last night so thank you so much for giving up your time to get them there and pick them up. Of course, throughout the week, we had plenty of rehearsals ready for the big show as well as finishing off our humanities project which was an information booklet on the ‘Industrial Revolution’, a computer presentation about the Nativity as well as completing our unit on ‘Life Cycles’ in Science.

This morning, we took part in the KS2 house quiz led by Mr Faith before having some fun in the classroom this afternoon – my goodness have these children earned it.

Before I run off for a mince pie, I just want to thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for the incredibly kind gift you gave myself and Mrs Connor. It is incredibly kind of you and we very much appreciate your generosity.  I really do mean it when I say that it is a privilege working with your wonderful children every day but of course they are only wonderful because of you. Thank you so much for all your support, understanding, friendly smiles and chats this term and I look forward to seeing you in the New Year.


Have a beautiful (hopefully somewhat restful) Christmas,


Miss Mahon

Friday 13th December

We appear to be one step closer to the end of term but we have a few more hurdles to cross before we open the quality street tins and don our Christmas knitwear for two weeks. Christmas lunch was gobbled this week and KS1 trod the boards with their Nativity and on Thursday we created dioramas of the Nativity scene using boxes as our starting point. So not a dull week at St. Stephen’s but is there any other kind here?

A huge thanks to Mrs Connor this week who took the reins on Tuesday and Wednesday when the Christmas cold struck me down. All hail Lemsip and Strepsils!

This week as you can imagine, has slowly descended into Christmas chaos but we have done our very best to keep some levels of normality with English and Maths.

In Maths this week, we have continued on with our understanding of multiplying by 10, 100 and 1000 as well as dividing by 10, 100 and 1000 and taking special note of those values with decimal places. We have continued to revise our understanding of prime, square and cube values and using our multiplication knowledge to build on our understanding of factors and multiples and then have used this knowledge to sole word problems.


In English this week, we have continued to revise different grammatical skills as well as building on our comprehension knowledge ready for a little assessment next week.


Thank you so much for sending children in various bits and pieces to make their dioramas we had a lovely day yesterday getting to grips with pom, poms and paint.



The carol service is next Thursday evening so please do let us know if any children cannot attend just so we can adjust thee lines the children will perform in.


Please know this is the last homework going out this term. There will be NO homework over the Christmas break.

Spellings and descriptive paragraph


Please bring all reading books in


Have a lovely weekend,

Miss Mahon

Friday 6th December

We’ve just got back from a fantastic trip to the Water and Steam Museum in Kew where all day children have been expanding their knowledge of forces (which we studied last term) and the Industrial Revolution. We even had the chance to ride on a genuine steam train which was a fantastic opportunity that the children will always remember.


Even though we finished our poetry until last week, I was desperate to get some the fantastic pieces the children produced into our book corner and so on Monday we put our computing skills to use and typed up our favourite poems. Having finished our big units this term, we have turned our attention to some specific grammar focuses such as modal verbs and using the pronouns I and me. We also got the chance to analyse a fantastic piece written by Roald Dahl where a young boy plays a mean trick with a mouse…I hope Milligan Class don’t get any ideas.



This week, we continued with our multiplication and division unit and have worked on expanding our vocabulary. We learned about prime values which Year Five took to like a duck to water before moving on to understand square and cubed values. Our multiplication knowledge was put to good use this week as well as revising the formal written method for multiplying bigger values that we learned last year. Of course we start each maths session with a little mental maths starter and I have to say that if you get the chance to play the number round of the hit game Countdown (there are many online versions) our pupils absolutely love it.



  • DT Day is next week – the homework sheet sent home will explain our focus but all resources should be in by next Tuesday ideally.
  • School begins at 8:55 – please ensure your child is in the line at this time


  • Spellings and grammar sentences
  • Gathering resources for DT Day
  • Mathletics
  • ALL reading books and reading records to come in every day


Have a lovely weekend,

 Miss Mahon