Year 5

Welcome to Class 5 Milligan!

Miss Mahon is our class teacher and Mrs Connor is our Teaching Assistant.

Class Updates

Friday 18th September 2020

How can we be at the end of our second week already? We have really gotten to grips with our new routine this week. Our ‘soft’ start and designated play time/lining up spots are now familiar territories with us and we have of course become firm friends with the antibacterial points throughout the school. Thank you so much for cooperating with the new guidelines – as teachers we really appreciate this.


This week, we got stuck into our new unit based on ‘Myths and Legends’. We spent Monday reading ‘Theseus and the Minotaur’ before answering some questions on the text and on Tuesday we moved on to creation myths from Japan, Africa, South America, the Aborigine population and Native American population. We then turned our own favourite myths into comic strips helping us identify the main points in each tale. By Wednesday, we were ready to look at another popular Greek myth ‘Pandora’s Box’ which some of us knew already of course. We took this opportunity to get to know Zeus’ mischievous character a little better before acting out a section of the story in groups.  Today, we will dip our toe in some grammar and start to learn about ‘relative clauses’ which will be another handy tool to help make our writing full of rich description this year. Of course, we have been revising our ‘-tious’, and ‘-cious’ words this week ready for our spelling test this morning.

Next week, we will be learning about parenthesis, direct speech and developing our comprehension skills.


This week, we have continued with our ‘Place Value’ unit. On Monday, we ordered and compared six digit values and on Tuesday, we recapped our knowledge of rounding to 10, 100 and 1000 so we were ready for our lesson on Wednesday where we rounded values to the nearest 10, 000 and 100, 000. This was a fantastic opportunity to consolidate our place value knowledge where we built on our Year Four skills. By Thursday, we were ready to apply our knowledge with some challenging reasoning problems, which required us to also use our comprehension skills. Today, we will be working on a set of challenges where we are only able to use our mental maths skills. It should prove to be an interesting lesson from which we can identify strategies that can help us in the future.



Water bottles are necessary every day

All children need to bring a bag everyday

Please ensure children know if they are doing club that day


Homework – We had a fantastic turn in of books on Monday and Tuesday so thank you so much for your  support with this.

Spelling and grammar sentences



Times Tables


Have a wonderful weekend,

Miss Mahon




Friday 11th September 2020

What a treat it has been getting to know Milligan Class this week. After what was a very tumultuous final term in the last academic year, we have certainly gotten off to a very smooth start (long may it continue). As Mr Schumm relayed in his letter last week, we have hit the ground running over the past few days ready to make up for lost time, although I’m happy to say Year Five have very quickly found their feet and have dived head first into all our tasks. Understandably, we have had to do quite a few assessments to gauge where our lovely bunch are but they were very good sports about it.
Our topic this term in History is ‘The Victorians: The Industrial Revolution’ and ‘Forces’ in Science which will involve some great experiments in the coming weeks. In English, we will be looking at Myths and Legends and we will be writing our very own etymological myths, which explain how a certain natural phenomenon came to be. In Maths, as always we are kicking off our Year Five with a unit on Place Value and building on what they learned about in Year Four.
Sadly, we do not have any trips planned now as there are all sorts of restrictions and concerns in place but hopefully as our confidence and understanding of the changing situation develops we will be able to plan some wonderful experiences when it is safe to do so.
Typically, at the start of the year we would soon be having our open classroom event however for obvious reasons this is not possible. We have already sent home the timetable Milligan Class will be adhering to and the curriculum map, which we will follow for the coming year. Due to the new system of picking up and dropping off, I am afraid I have not been able to meet many of you, which is such a shame and definitely not an ideal way to start the term. Please know that my virtual door is very much open and do drop me an email if you have any concerns no matter how small. Hopefully we will have plenty of opportunity in the coming year to get to know each other very well.

Reading books can be brought in throughout the week if completely finished. If not finished, please keep them until Friday.
Homework is on the website class page (the same as pre lockdown) and is due in by Tuesday. We apologise for such a quick turn around however homework books need to be given a couple of days stretch in the old ‘quarantine basket’ before Mrs Connor can mark them.
Children are to come in PE kits on Mondays and Tuesdays only. Should they have a club before or after school, they need to bring their school uniform.
My email is
Mrs Connor is our TA and will be marking the homework and changing the books this term. Should you have any queries about anything in this matter please direct a message to her or I can pass on any emailed messages.

Homework – due Tuesday 15th September
This week, homework will be:
Spellings and grammar sentences
Arithmetic – times tables

Have a lovely weekend and thank you so much for your patience, support and cooperation with the school while we all get to grips with the tweaks and changes,

Miss Mahon