Year 3

Proverbs 2 vs 6 – For the Lord gives Wisdom; from his mouth comes knowledge and understanding.

Year 3 are taught by Miss Kelly, with assistance from Miss Anya. Visit this website each Friday for information on what we have been up to in class.

Class Updates

Friday 24th November 2023

Dear grown-ups,

We started the week with the Big Live Assembly to celebrate Children’s Day and heard from children in Ghana, Bangladesh and Liverpool.

It was double Science this week and the children enjoyed a lesson in class about how magnetic forces work. Then the children used all of their learning from our unit so far to enjoy their Scientist in Residence workshops with Mercedes where they carried out a variety of different experiments all based on forces and magnets.

In English, we read Island Man by Grace Nichols about a man who dreams about his old island life but now lives in London. We composed our own poems about our city lives and what we like about being on a beach. We tried to use our senses, paired adjectives, alliteration to make our poems interesting. The finished pieces were amazing and we all enjoyed listening to our peers read their poems aloud.

In Maths, we’ve finally cracked addition and subtraction bridging over 10s and 100s.  Yay! Some of us may use pictorial representation to support our learning but we’ve definitely made good progress. We’ve also been trying to use bar models to represent calculations to solve problems – not sure what a bar model is? Ask your child to show you!

In RHE we looked at all of the different communities we belong to.

In History, we learned about how people lived in the Iron Age.

In Art, we learned more about prehistoric Art and how cave paintings tell us about how people lived.

In RE, we learned the words ‘prophet’ and ‘foretell’ and what was foretold about the first Christmas.

Homework this week can be found below, there is a comprehension activity too!


Week 4 -24.11.24 Suffixes ing, ed, er


04 – Yr 3 RC04 – The Cow -24.11.23

Have a fantastic weekend,

Miss Kelly

Friday 17th November 2023

Dear parents/carers,

What a week!

After the buzz and energy from last week, we’ve been rather depleted in energy levels and dogged by illness this week. Despite this, we have managed to do some work.

In English, we are learning about Grace Nichols and been reading and preforming lots of her poems. We have written and edited our own poems based on her poem titled ‘Morning’.

In Maths this week, we have been very busy exchanging in both column addition and column subtraction. Please challenge the children with some calculations at home!

In RE we continued to look at wisdom. We wrote a letter to our future selves offering as much advice as we could in the letters. The children will take the letters home at the end of the year.

In History, we recapped on our trip to Gunnersbury Park last week and looked at the Bronze Age.

In Computing, we were busy on Hour of Code practising our coding skills.

In RHE, we started our unit on ‘Valuing Differences’.

In Science, it was all about friction this week. We were busy experimenting with a variety of objects in the classroom and comparing how they moved across different surfaces.

Thank you for making time for Parents Evening – I hope you find it useful and have spoken to the children about targets if they have been given any. It’s always good to get feedback from the parents so we can work together to  provide for and support the children the best that we can during their time at in Year 3.

Homework this week can be found below.

Week 3 -17.11.23 Prefix mis-

Have a fantastic weekend,

Miss Kelly

Friday 10th November 2023

Hello, hello!

What a week!

We’ve had very special guests in school this week and the children were at their finest – standing proud, smiling warmly and beaming. We were very lucky in 3 Lear as we were chosen to have our special guests watch and observe our History lesson, the children gave some amazing answers to questions, our visitors were very impressed and I was very proud!

In Maths – we’ve been using bar models to represent problems as part of ‘Barvember’ which the children have loved so far.  We’ve been securing our knowledge on bridging 10s and 100s using the column addition method.  We’ll be moving onto column subtraction soon. We finished off the week by playing a variety of Maths games which were lots of fun!

In English, we have used our plans to write and edit a  final set of instructions on ‘How to Catch a Dragon’ – I’m looking forward to reading ‘Top Tips’ and ‘Handy Hints’ as there are plenty of dragons in the west London area.

In our History lesson, (which our visitors loved) we looked at early humans and the Palaeolithic period of the Stone Age.

On Wednesday, we visited Gunnersbury Park Museum to take part in a Stone Age workshop. We looked at primary and secondary sources of evidence to consolidate what we have already learned in class. They impressed Paula, our guide, with their knowledge and identified some of the artefacts she had – a real mammoth’s tusk (yes real and found in the grounds of Gunnersbury Park), flint and an axe head. We learned how they hunted and foraged before becoming more settled and kept animals and grew their own plants. We braved the wet weather, complete with our (mock) animal skins to test our survival skills in the wild (of Gunnersbury Park).  We ‘caught’ our dinner by ‘spearing’ wild buffalo and built shelters using branches and our skins. We finished our session by trying seal gaps in our wattle (weaved twigs) by using a mixture of clay and straw – thankfully they left out the animal dung for our children. What a fun learning experience! Huge ‘thank you’ to Kelly for helping out on our trip!

In Computing, we enjoyed coding on the IPads.

This week, we celebrated Parliament Week. To mark this occasion, we were joined by MP for Hammersmith and Fulham, Andy Slaughter, who spoke to the children about our British Values and the importance of democracy. The children asked a variety of probing questions which sparked a healthy debate

The homework can be found below. There is a comprehension activity this week.


Week 2 – 10.11.23 Prefix dis-


Remembrance Sunday Comprehension

Have a lovely weekend!

Miss Kelly

Friday 3rd November 2023


We have hit the ground in the Autumn 2 term here in 3 Lear, it was another busy week!

In English, we have enjoyed planning our instructions on how to catch a dragon. We have come up with some very creative ideas.

In our Maths lessons, we have been very busy using column addition to add two digit numbers together some included crossing10s and 100s. We also started using column subtraction using two numbers. We will continue our hard work next week!

During RE, we continued to work on our Year 3 word ‘wisdom’. We worked hard on using the class proverb and the school proverb and thinking about different situations they apply to our lives!

In Science, we have started looking at Forces and choosing whether an action is a ‘push’ or a pull’ and learned about the force of gravity.

During History, we started our unit on Prehistoric Britain. We looked at what the term ‘prehistory’ means and how archaeologists carry out different jobs in order to find out how people lived.  We will find out more from our trip.

We finished off the week with an Art lesson where we looked at Art ‘through the eyes of an artist’. We sketched a variety of 3D shapes into our sketch books!

The homework can be found below.

Week 1 -03.11.23 Re Prefix

The poem for this half term can also be found below.

Daddy Fell into the Pond- Autumn 2

Don’t forget to check you ParentMail about our upcoming trips trips.

Have a lovely weekend.

Miss Kelly

Friday 20th October 2023


It was Celebration of Black Voices Week this week and as always we have been super busy!

We have been learning all about Malorie Blackman this week. We watched a very informative video and read a detailed text all about Malorie’s perseverance and following her passions. Throughout the week, we completed a comprehension on her life and create our own posters all about our passions (which are now on display in our classroom). Lots of us chose reading too- just like Malorie! We even found one of her books in the library during our library session.

This week we also had Carolyn join us, who did a super lightning craft workshop with the children to make a red rooster – a character from the ‘Anansi’ series.  On Friday, we enjoyed the Anansi Puppet Show.

Today, we showed support for the charity ‘Show Racism the Red Card’ by raising money and wearing something red for the day. We read a PowerPoint, watched a video and had conversations around what racism is and how these behaviours cannot be tolerated. We discussed the contribution we can make to ensure society is an inclusive place to be. We all agreed that we need to work hard to respect everyone and stand up to racism when we see it in order to ensure that every single person in this school, and society, feels safe, respected and loved.

During RE, we finished our unit on Sihkish by learning about the 5Ks.

Our RHE session this week was an important one, all about resolving conflict.

In our computing lessons this week we created a poster all about the importance of passwords and how to make a good one. We also looked at the journey of an email and had fun acting it out.

We completed end-of-half term tests in RE, RHE, Geography and Science.

Remember to plant the daffodil bulbs that we sent home with the children yesterday. Check your ParentMail for more inform that was sent earlier this week, if you would like to enter the flower competition.

Please note that there is homework for your child this half term, it can be found below. Remember to keep practising times tables, telling the time and number bonds to 1000.


Week 6 – 20.10.23 Statutory Challenge Words

Reading Comprehension

03 – Yr 3 RC03 – Working on a Farm -20.10.23

There is a link to some recorder practise from Miss Rachel – please remember to bring recorders back to school on Monday 30th October.

Y3 I like to sing homework

Have a great week off, I know I will!

Miss Kelly

Friday 13th October 2023


What a week!

We had assemblies galore this week. On Tuesday, we celebrated World Mental Health Day by watching two short films. We enjoyed listening to ‘The Huge Bag of Worries’ by Virginia Ironside. After listening to the book we had a great chat about the importance of sharing our worries, who we can share them with and things we can do to help us and make us feel better.

We also joined in the Great Big Live Assembly for Black History Month as an introduction to our learning next week when we focus on famous black British women firsts. Watch this space!

On Wednesday’s Hispanic Day – the school was awash with colours of Spanish countries – thanks to Ms Pereira for organising. We started the day by coming together to sing ‘Somos como las flores’ in Spanish. We then watched an amazing ‘illusion Flamenca’ by some Mexican dancers in traditional costume. Thank you to Mauricio who came to visit and read us the Gruffalo in Spanish and played a game of Spanish bingo with the children. The children really enjoyed both activates and had lots of fun!After that, we learned about Ecuadorian sun festival and we took part in a dance workshop. The children also created some amazing headdresses to replicate some of the fabulous ones the Ecuadorians wear during the Sun Festival celebrations. For lunch we enjoyed a Spanish feast of nachos and dips.  Finally at the end of the day we all came back together to watch and listen to a live music from Columbia! Olé!

Now for our regular lessons..

In Maths, we continued our unit on Addition and Subtraction where we were busy adding and subtracting 100s from a given number as well as spotting patterns in calculations.

In English, we continued on with our ‘Instructions’ unit. We looked at the features in instruction texts, sequenced our own instructions and wrote our own set of instructions about ‘how to wash a dog’.

In Geography, we carried our research with a partner to complete a fact sheet on a chosen country.

In RHE, we looked at the importance of keeping our special people safe and what it means to be a good friend.

In Science, we looked at the different parts of the skeleton.

The children have been given recorders this week. Use the link below to hear music to practise to. Enjoy!

Homework is below.

Week 5 – 13.10.23 words ending with ture

Have a good weekend,

Miss Kelly

Friday 6th October 2023

Hello grown-ups,

We made it, we have finished our two week swimming block.

The adults and children in 3Lear are all very excited for a good rest after all the marching to and from the swimming pool! The children have all become confident water babies.  They were all re-assessed at the end of their course with most of the children now able to complete 25m confidently; a requirement at the end of KS2. Next week we are back to business as usual.

Business as usual?  Well, we do have an annual Hispanic Day on Wednesday based on this year’s theme of festivals – Year 3 will be learning about the sun festival celebrated in Ecuador. We have the pleasure of having a native Spanish speaker and a parent joining us for a session with some traditional music and dance included throughout the day.

In Maths, after completing our unit of work on place value and have completed our end of topic assessment. We will make changes to the two Maths group so the support is where it is needed. I just want to emphasise that ALL the children, regardless of their Maths group, will learn the same lessons and will complete the same core tasks.

During our RE lesson, we looked at the forming of the Khalsa, a pivotal time in the history of Sikhism.  We learnt that Khalsa means the ‘pure ones’.

In Science, we carried out an investigation to see what pets eat.

In Geography, we looked at the major capital cities around the world.

In RHE, we discussed the importance of teamwork.

Homework can be found below. There is comprehension this week.


Week 4 06.10.23- words ending with sure


02 – Yr 3 RC02 – Caterpillars -06.10.23

Have a great weekend,

Miss Kelly

Friday 29th September 2023

What a week! Swimming has really taken it out of all us!

As we have been swimming all week, we have been off our usual timetable and we have tried to fit in as many lessons as we could!

Speaking of swimming…. we have been blessed with warm walking weather for our daily swimming lessons and the children have enjoyed talking on our walks to the swimming pool as much as the lessons themselves. The children have been assessed and put into 3 groups by the swimming teachers and it’s been lovely to see them enjoying their lessons with colourful pool noodles and floats.

Swimming will continue next week leaving at the same time!

During English, we finished and edited our final writes based on the Omnibombulator. Some of also shared our stories with our partners. We also held our very first ‘3 Lear Book Club’ yesterday which was a great hit. The children had the opportunity to discuss and recommend their favourite books with their friends.

In Maths, we are nearing the end of our Place Value unit. This week we compared and ordered number to one thousands, worked hard on writing numbers to 1,000 in numerals and words and we counted in intervals of 4,8,50 and 100 up to 1,000. Next week we will have our end of unit test so there may be some movement between the Maths groups.

In Geography, we have used fact cards and atlases to find out more about countries and cities.

Our Computing lesson this week was a cross-curricular one with Science.

In Science, we worked with our partners and used the IPads to carry out research on what different animals eat.

Just a reminder… completed homework books are to be in by Wednesday each week (any later and Ms Anya will not be able to mark them in detail). Signed reading books are to be in by Friday, we only have one opportunity to change books throughout the week, so any late books brought in during the week will not be changed. New books go home on a Monday so you have the week to read them.

This week’s homework can be found below.

Week 3 – 29.09.23 y words sounding i

Have a good weekend,

Miss Kelly

Friday 22nd September 2023

Hello, hello!

What a week here in 3Lear!

During English, continuing on with our unit on ‘Omnibombulator’, we wrote our own detailed descriptive pieces from a ‘bug’s eye’ view. We have working hard on paired adjectives and making our work interesting by using conjunctions and some of us have been using fronted adverbials. We also planned and started to write our first Year 3 story based on the Omnibombulator and tried to include our homework spellings ‘ou’ words which make an /ow/ sound and an /u/ sound.

In Maths, we continued our work on number and place value. We worked hard on finding 1, 10 or 100 more or less than numbers up to 1,000. We also compared and sequenced numbers up to 1000 and developed our understanding of the terms ‘ascending’ and ‘descending’.

In our RE lesson about Sikhism, we learned about a special symbol called the ‘ik ongar’ and that it means ‘theirs is only one god’.  We drew symbols which we thought reflected our beliefs and ideas.

In Science, we learned about balanced diets and what we should eat more of as well as what we should eat less of.

In Geography, we learned about countries of the world.

In Computing, we finished our posters on staying safe using SMART as the starting point.

This week’s homework can be found below. There is also comprehension this week too. The reading comprehension questions are linked with the children’s English groups i.e. blue, yellow or green, but they can also do extra comprehension questions if they would like to.


Week 2 22.09.23 – u sound spelt with an ou


01 – Yr 3 RC01 – Monkey Business – 3L 22.09.23

Regarding the spellings, please follow the handwriting guide and use the handwriting sheet provided so we can encourage the children to use ‘tall’ and ‘short’ letters. The children’s spelling groups may change as the term goes on – this will depend on their spelling scores.

Please remember homework books back in by Wednesday (but house points for early returners), library books on Thursday (or Monday lunch library) and reading folders on Friday.

As Year 3 will be swimming for two weeks, we will be following an amended timetable! Please check your ParentMail for all the information.

Have a great weekend,

Miss Kelly

Friday 15th September 2023

Hello, hello!

Our first full week together has been an excellent one – the class have worked extremely hard, and I am delighted with the work they have produced.

In Maths, great work was done by all, with our first Year 3 unit being tackled: Number and Place Value. After doing a bit of revision on work already done on this topic in Year 2, we worked on working with 100s and partitioning numbers up to 100.

During English, we started our unit on stories with familiar settings. Our book for this unit is the popular ‘The Omnibombulator’ by Dick King-Smith’s. We enjoyed reading, listening to, discussing and performing the story over the week. We also answered some comprehension questions about Omnibombulator too. Our GPS lesson we jumped straight in with learning how to use a dictionary which is an essential part of Year 3.

In our Relationships and Health Education (or RHE) lesson, we learned about why we have rules.

During Geography, we identified and located continents on a world map and enjoyed singing the continents song we learnt in Year 2.

In our RE lesson, we designed a wisdom poster based on Year 3’s value of ‘Wisdom’. We also enjoyed listening to a wisdom song over the week too!

In Science, we looked at the nutrition humans need and the food they get it from.

In our Computing lesson, we started to learn about the importance of online safety practices signing a contract. We created eye-catching posters about online safety following the SMART principles.

We enjoyed our first trip to the library and we enjoyed some reading for pleasure throughout the week too!

In DT we looked at seasonal food from around the world.

This week’s homework can be found below:

Week 1 15.09.23 – ou words sounding ow 3L

The written homework for this is to be handed in no later than this coming Wednesday 20th September 2023.

Our poem for the half term can be found below:

The Owl and the Pussycat- Autumn 1

Please practise this with your child/ren on a regular basis ahead of us performing it as a class at the end of the half term.

Have a great weekend,

Miss Kelly

Friday 8th September 2023

Dear grown-ups,

We have had a great few days settling in to life in KS2.

Aside from getting to know each other, we have been busy creating classroom rules, self-portraits and class prayers based on wisdom. We have also been busy looking at the links we have to different countries around the world.

Don’t forget to check your ParentMail this afternoon for some more info about life in Year 3.

We have gymnastics on Monday so the children will need to be in their PE kits!

Have a lovely weekend and see you all on Monday!

Miss Kelly

Times table practise!