Year 3

Year 3 are taught by Miss Kelly, with assistance from Miss Lulu, Mrs Lisa and Miss Tami. Visit this website each Friday for information on what we have been up to in class.

Class Updates

Friday 18th September 2020

Hello, Hello!

Well what a week! I would just like to start off by saying what absolute superstars the 3 Lear children are! They handled being taught remotely via zoom like pros! The class have worked extremely hard, and I am delighted with the work they have produced.

During English, we started our unit on stories with familiar settings. We thought about a garden setting, engaged our senses of sight, sound, smell and touch and learned about ways in which paired adjectives and adjectival phrases can be used to create atmospheric settings.

In Maths, great work was done by all, with our first Year 3 unit being tackled: Number and Place Value. After doing a bit of revision on work already done on this topic in Year 2, we worked on working with 100s, later moving onto reading and writing numbers to 1000 in words.

This week’s homework can be found below. The written homework for this is to be handed in no later than this coming Tuesday, 22nd September.

A few other notes (these have all been explained to your child, but I thought it’d be useful for you to have here too): For your convenience, your child’s spelling group and Mathletics login can be found on the inside cover of their green homework book. Children are able to move up a spelling group by getting full marks on their spelling test for three consecutive weeks.

Before starting our new RE unit on Sikhism, we did a lesson on the importance of the term ‘wisdom’, which is our key word in Year 3.

During Geography, we learned about the continents of the world, while in Science, we started work on rocks. In doing this, we looked at natural and human-made rocks, and the differences between them.

Have a fantastic weekend!

Miss Kelly

Friday 11th September 2020


3 Lear have settled in well and we have been having a lovely time together!

This week’s activities have included drafting a set of class rules, sketching / painting class portraits, working on our ‘Our World’ display and composing prayers, all for eventual class display. We have also completed a vast array of spelling, reading, GPS, Maths and Science tests, which have been designed to gauge each child’s academic strengths and areas of improvement moving forward. As the children have not been in class full-time since March, we have been even more thorough than usual in our approach, as the first few months of school will involve a lot of going over past learning, as well as teaching the Year 3 curriculum. We will also use the spelling tests to determine spelling groups, the first set of homework related to the same will go out next Friday.

For this week’s homework, our poem for the half term is ‘The Owl and The Pussycat’ by Edward Lear which can be found below in the ‘Homework’ section.

Please practise this with your child/ren on a regular basis ahead of us performing it to the school at the end of the half term.

Have a great weekend, and please ensure that your children have a good rest – they’ve certainly earned it!

Miss Kelly




We hope this message reaches you well. As we are unable to host our ‘open classrooms’ event this year, we thought it would be useful to provide you with a few bits of information that you may find useful:


Drop Off and Collection

In the mornings, Year 3 children are to arrive on a ‘soft start’ basis from 8.45am from the Lime Grove entrance of the school, quietly and sensibly walking to their class. They should sanitise their hands upon arrival, and the register will be taken at 8.55am as usual. At the end of the day, Year 3 children will be dismissed from the front entrance of the school at 3.30am.


Playtime Snacks

On a daily basis, please provide your child with either a whole piece of fruit or sliced fruit as their playtime snack. As delicious as they are, Bear YoYos (especially the sour mango and apple-flavoured ones!), dried fruit and other fruit-based snacks are not allowed as playground snacks. These can, however, be included as a small treat in children’s packed lunches when we go on school trips (more information on these will be given later in this blog entry).


Reading Books

Your child will be given two reading books to take home. The books need to be brought back to school every day and put into the reading book box, which the children will find inside the classroom. Doing this will aid us in successfully carrying out our plan of reading with each child at least once a week. Starting from next week, books will be changed on Mondays, being returned by the following Friday. New books will then be sent out on the following Monday. Please make sure that you sign your child’s reading diary when their books need to be changed, as we will be unable to change them if you do not do this. Whilst we appreciate that some children may read at a faster rate than others, books will be changed once a week only, as changing them is a time intensive task for our teaching assistants and is far more manageable on a larger scale, rather than on a piecemeal basis. If you have a child who is a voracious reader, we are happy to offer book suggestions and discuss alternative provisions (such as providing children with three books each time instead of two) via email.



In line with our whole school approach and in a bid to do our bit for the environment, homework will be uploaded online on our class webpage each Friday.

English homework (spellings, sentences and comprehension tasks) will be completed in the front of the green homework book.

Children will also be set online Mathletics activities. Mathletics login cards will be attached to the back of these homework books.

Your child’s homework book will be sent home for the first time next week, on Friday 18th September.

All homework will be set on a Friday and needs to be completed and handed in by the following Tuesday (if children complete these activities earlier they are welcome to hand their books in earlier, and will receive extra house points if said work is completed to a high standard!)

A piece of poetry homework will be set at the beginning of each half term for the children to practise and recite at the end of the half term. This Friday, 11th September, the first poem by our class poet will be uploaded to the website for children to learn.

If you encounter technical difficulties in accessing any of our online content (or would like a paper copy of any piece of homework), please don’t hesitate to contact us.


PE and Gymnastics

PE and Gymnastics sessions will commence next week. The children will have their PE and Gymnastics sessions on Mondays and Wednesdays. Please ensure your child comes to school wearing their PE kit on those days. May we also please remind parents that earrings must be taken out before school on the days your child has PE / Gymnastics, and long hair must be tied back for each session.



Unfortunately, swimming lessons for Year 3 are temporarily suspended until the government advises that we are able to go ahead with them. We have been reliably informed that this will provisionally be in the Spring Term, although as with most things in this current climate, all plans are subject to change!

Apologies for any inconvenience caused; rest assured that we are in constant dialogue with the staff at Janet Adegoke Swimming Pool and as soon as we receive the go-ahead, Year 3 will be going swimming!

In the meantime, we will be making good use of the Swimming timeslot on our timetables to enrich your child/ren’s learning experience!


Class Trips

In a similar vein to swimming, class trips involving bus, tube or train travel are temporarily on hold. We do not plan on going on any trips this Autumn half term, but we are working on trips within a walkable distance for Autumn Term 2 onwards. If you have any good suggestions, please email us with information and we will look into it!


Water Bottles

Please remember to have your child/ren bring a labelled water bottle to school on a daily basis as it is important that they remain hydrated throughout the school day.


Timetables and Curriculum Maps

Please find attached our current timetable and curriculum map for the year. Please note that these are provisional, and subject to revision to provide the best possible learning experience for your child/ren.

Timetable 3 Lear – September 2020 – For Website

Year 3 Curriculum Map 2020-2021 – For Website


After School Clubs

If your child/ren attends an after school club that requires a change of clothing, please send your child/ren into school that day wearing their school uniform (Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays) or PE kit (Mondays and Wednesdays), along with their change of clothes, that they will be able to put on near the end of the school day, before heading off to their club.


Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any further queries and have a lovely week!


Miss Kelly (m.kelly@ststephensce.lbhf.sch.uk)

Mr Faith (l.faith@ststephensce.lbhf.sch.uk)


Year 3 Teachers


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