Year 3

Proverbs 2 vs 6 – For the Lord gives Wisdom; from his mouth comes knowledge and understanding.

Year 3 are taught by Miss Kelly, with assistance from Miss Anya. Visit this website each Friday for information on what we have been up to in class.

Class Updates

Friday 27th January 2023

Dear parents/carers,

During Maths, we completed our end of unit test on Multiplication and Division Block A and we started our new unit on Multiplication and Division Block B. We practised division by using Base 10 and counters, first with relatively simple calculations, later moving onto ones where we had to exchange sets of tens for ones.

In English we wrote our final piece in our Instructions Unit. We wrote some fantastic pieces of work on how to make not just any cup of tea, but a lovely cup of tea! We started our new unit in English on a fantastic book by Malorie Blackman called ‘The Monster Crisp-Guzzler, which is already a big hit in 3 Lear!

For our Science lesson, we built on our previous workshop with Miss Mercedes and explored various examples of light and shadows.

In Geography, we used all of our knowledge from our assembly and successfully labelled the features of a volcano.

In RHE, we looked at the differences between danger and risks. We role played a variety of different scenarios with our partners and thought of possible solutions to each one.

Homework and the return of the reading comprehension can be found below.

Week 4 – suffixes ing ed er

07 – Yr 3 RC07 – An Ants Nest – 27.01.2023

We enjoyed a spectacular Lunar New Year assembly arranged by parents where we were enchanted by the ribbon dance and the fan dance performed by May. The children had a Chinese themed lunch accompanied by prawn crackers, fortune cookies and chopsticks. We also enjoyed a Tai Chi workshop and lots of Lunar New Year activities in the classroom. Mila also kindly gifted us all a beautiful red envelope with a good luck message. Lots of fun was had!

Gong hei fat choy.

Have a great weekend,

Miss Kelly

Friday 20th January 2023

Hello, hello!

3 Lear have had a very eventful week!

They worked extremely hard during rehearsals for our volcano themed class assembly, and I’m sure you’re all super proud of them and they blew you away! I am incredibly proud of the performances put forth by all and hope you enjoyed the show. A big ‘thank you’ also goes out to the parents who took the time to share your kind words and support.  I really appreciate it, as the entire process took up a lot of time.  However, the biggest ‘thank you’ goes out to Miss Anya (our prop and assistant director extraordinaire!), who was simply brilliant.

In our Maths lessons, we continued our work on multiplication and division. In doing this, we worked on multiplication and division problems for the 8 times tables. Next week, we will finish this Multiplication unit and end of unit assessment.

During our English lessons, we continued to work on instruction texts. We created guides on how to catch dragons (with a bit of creative license used as part of the process!) We also answered a reading comprehension based on a set of instructions about how to clean an elephant. We finished the week with a book club listening and discussing different books.

In Science, we had a workshop with Miss Mercedes where we had lots of fun learning new vocabulary liked with our unit on ‘Light’. We worked in groups to carry out experiments on how shadows are formed and how to make them longer and shorter. We watched some amazing videos where performers used their bodies to create props in a shadow theatre. We ended the sessions making our own shadow theatre where we acted out some classic stories. Lots of fun was had!

In our RE lesson, we looked at whether the Bible has many plots, one overarching plot (known as a ‘metanarrative’) or both.

Homework this week is below.

Week 3 – mis prefix

Message from Miss Hall and Mrs Allen

Red Card to Racism Art Contest

On Monday Miss Hall introduced all the children to the Red Card to Racism Art Contest that is running. Children can make their entries at home and bring them into school to enter into the national competition! Please return all entries to either Miss Hall (Year 5 Blackman) or Mrs Allen (Year 1 McNaughton).

You can find out more about the competition by following this link: ​


I have printed out a template for each of the children which Miss Anya has labelled so they are all ready to go. ​

Have a good weekend,

Miss Kelly

Friday 13th January 2023

Dear parents/carers,

What a week!

During our Maths lessons, we continued to practise our 3 and 4 times tables to work on a range of related number sentences and word problems, as well as division calculations that used inverse operations.

We really enjoyed our English work on instructions this week using a checklist to identify the key features of a text and identified time words and imperative verbs. We sequenced instructions to get to Westfield shopping centre from school. We wrote a detailed set of instructions on ‘how to wash your dog’, which we had lots of fun doing.

During our RE lesson, we collected various Bibles from classes in the school and had discovered that it is divided into two parts and has 66 books it total. We also remembered stories from both the Old Testament and the New Testament.

Instead of our usual RHE lesson, we enjoyed a virtual ‘Life Bus’ visit from Sarah and Harold the Giraffe where we learned about ways we can stay healthy and happy. Thank you for ‘visiting’ us, and an extra-special ‘thank you’ to the wonderful Miss Hall (our RHE coordinator,) who organised the event!

In our Computing lesson, we learned about devices, how they work (unpowered, powered by mains electricity and / or powered by batteries) and the safety precautions we need to take with regards to using them and the electrical charge they may hold.

This week’s homework is below. There is no comprehension but children need to practise their lines, poem, songs and dance routine (links below) for their class assembly next week. All costumes need to be in on Monday as we are having a dress rehearsal, please check your ParentMail for more information.


02 Spring 1- Prefix dis- 13.01.23

Wisdom (up to 0:50 seconds)


The Ring of Fire- Eruption Song


Just Dance Dynamite (up to 01:16)



A message from Ms Allen

Artist Workshops

​As part of enriching our Art learning, we are looking for any parents, carers or even grandparents who are Artists or work in an artistic career, such as architecture, who would be willing to run an Art workshop with the classes. It can be linked to to the curriculum or a stand alone lesson in the year group of your choice. If you would be interested in volunteering your time with us, please get in touch with Mrs Allen (e.allen@ststephensce.lbhf.sch.uk).

A message from Mr Gane and Miss Whiting

How Maths is Taught – a Workshop for Parents & Carers

9am Friday 20th January – Music Hall

Come and join us for 45 minutes of Maths, what else would you want to do on a Friday morning!? This very brief workshop aims to give parents & carers an overview of how we teach Maths from Early Years to Year 6. You will see the structured stages of how mathematical concepts are developed year on year in a progressive way that lead your children’s learning in a comprehensive and systematic manner. With much focus on reasoning, we’ll also have learners on hand to help you have a go at some reasoning challenges. No sign up needed, just come along promptly and enjoy!

Have a great weekend and enjoy rehearsing!

Miss Kelly

Friday 6th January 2023

Hello, hello and Happy New Year!

We’ve crammed a lot into our first three days back together!

In English, we reviewed all of the work we completed during the entire Autumn Term. This included finishing off tasks, as some required a bit more time. As well as this, we spent the lesson reflecting upon teacher comments in our books, and making corrections and improvements using our green pens. The following day, we began a new, non-fiction unit on Instruction texts. We discussed where we might see instruction texts and how they tend to be laid-out so as to make them clear to the reader. We then focused on verbal instructions. We worked in pairs, taking turns to give verbal instructions whilst the other person attempted to draw it from the commands given. We also had a lesson on our new spellings based on the prefix re-. We enjoyed completing a variety of activities based on the prefix.

During our Maths lessons, we practised our 3 times tables by answering a range of number sentence *and* word problem-related questions. It’s clear that many of the children have been diligently practising their times tables over the Christmas break!

In Computing we created staircases using repeat commands in a variety of colours on JIT5.

In our Geography lesson, we started our new unit of work on volcanoes, studying some of the more famous examples of them around the world.

Here is this week’s homework:

01 Spring 1 – Prefixes Re- 06.01.23

Please note our class assembly is on *Thursday 19th January* – I have sent your child home with their script; please ensure that the children practise their lines, poem and song lyrics!

As I promised the children, I have attached the YouTube links to our songs below.

W.I.S.D.O.M. – Lyrics and Actions (0.00 – 0.50 seconds)


Ring of Fire-Eruption Song (The whole song)


Enjoy and have a great weekend,

Miss Kelly

16th December 2022

Dear parents/carers,

We made it to the end of the Autumn Term and what a term it was! We have finished the term with the same energy as they started the term. They have had an exciting, activity-packed week, which has included the return of our Key Stage 2 Christmas Quiz hosted by Mr Faith.

The children have been rehearsing hard this week to prepare for Thursday’s Carol Service. I’m sure you agree that it was worth it as the children were fantastic. I hope you are as proud as myself and Miss Anya at how beautifully the children sang in the carol service; a big ‘Thank You’ goes out to our wonderful assistant head, Miss Bell, who planned, rehearsed and organised the event, as well as Miss Rachel, who despite being ill, patiently taught and practised the songs with all the children accompanying them on the piano!

Apart from the rehearsing, we have been finishing off end-of-unit assessments so we’re ready for the new term.  I think the children enjoyed writing their myths as much as I’ve enjoyed reading them. More of them are using that all important success criteria to improve their work.

Please note that there is NO HOMEWORK for the Christmas holidays; homework will be given out on the first Friday back (6th January.) However, we have sent your child/ren home with their homework books so they are able to review all of the wonderful homework they have done over the past term. The books also contain login to Mathletics, The Reading Cloud and Busy Things, just in case you need them!

We have an INSET day on 3rd January, the children are back in on Wednesday 4th January 2023.

Miss Anya and I would like to say a big ‘Thank You’ for all of the kind words, cards, gifts and vouchers you have given us. You have all been very generous, we really appreciate it! Thank you for your support and help this term.

I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and a fantastic New Year. Enjoy the precious time with your families.

Miss Kelly

Friday 9th November 2022

Hello, hello!

What a week!

Tuesday was packed with culinary activity.  We peeled, cored, chopped, zested, grated, mixed, stirred and potted our Christmas chutney ready for the Saturday fair.  The children worked hard and even managed to clear and clean up afterwards!  They are so proud of their seasonal delight – I do hope you get a chance to sample their labours!

In our English lessons, our GPS lesson focus was on the statutory words from the National Curriculum.  We planned and written our exciting myths using our previous work about settings and mythical beasts.  We are really proud of our stories so far and we will finish them off on Monday and share them with our peers and hopefully Miss Bell too!

In History, we learned about the Bronze Age and will be ready to complete the end of unit assessment next week.

In our RE lesson, we looked at the charity ‘Love In A Box’, and reflected upon the importance of making giving not just receiving and charitable gestures, especially over the Christmas period.  The children remembered previous Christmas projects the school had done such as buying gifts for those less fortunate than ourselves.  We were reminded of this when we had our Christmas sockings on Wednesday. We also discussed what the candles on the Advent wreath symbolised: faith, hope, joy, peace and love.

In our Maths lessons, we moved onto our new unit of work: multiplication and division. Please ensure that you practise times tables with your children as regularly as possible, as quick recall of them (along with their associated inverse operations) will prove invaluable over the first few weeks of the Spring Term.

During Science, we looked at vertebrates and invertebrates, as well as those living creatures with and without protective shells, doing a sorting activity regarding the same.

In our RHE lesson, we reflected upon the idea of prejudice, and what we can do when people are being bullied.

The homework can be found below.

06 – Statutory Challenge Words

Have a fantastic weekend,

Miss Kelly

Friday 2nd December 2022

Dear parents/carers,

In our Maths lessons, we finished our unit of work on addition and subtraction by continuing to practise estimation methods (as mentioned last week, please continue to do this at home.) As the week drew to a close, we looked at ways of using inverse operations to double-check answers to addition / subtraction questions. Finally, we completed and reviewed our end-of-unit tests and some challenges.

In our English lessons, our GPS lesson focus was on the words ending in ‘true’. We also completed a writing task where we first sequenced the events of the story of Daedalus and Icarus, then later wrote in the role of Icarus. We tried out our first ever visual comprehension which was a great success and the children thought up of some fantastic questions all on their own which they later shared with their peers. We also wrote about a mythical setting where we used lots of paired adjectives as well as some very interesting similes. We finished off the week by acted out a myth where we used this opportunity to get some ideas for our own myths we will be planning and writing next week. Phew what a week in English!

During Science, as part of our work on animals (including humans) we looked at the human skeleton. In doing this, we learned about the main functions of the skeleton.

In History, we went on a fact hunt and found out how people lived in the Neolithic period, with a particular focus on Stonehenge.

During RE, we learned about John the Baptist and the important role he played in preparing Christians for the arrival of Jesus. After reflecting upon his words, we then thought about ways in which we could announce the return of Jesus to modern society, writing ‘emails’ and ‘Tweets’ on paper about the same.

In our Computing lesson, we worked really hard at signing into Google Classroom accounts!

In our RHE lesson, we looked at ways in which we can celebrate our differences.

In Art we finished off our beautiful chalk drawings that we started last week. They were all amazing!

We have sent home the Carol Concert lyrics please practise them at home, as the children have a rehearsal with Ms Bell next week.

This week’s homework is below (please note that there is a reading comprehension component this week):

Week 5 – words ending with ture

Reading Comprehension

06 – Yr 3 RC06 – Gumdrop Has a Birthday – 02.12.22

If you have any spare jars with lids at home can we have them for our produce for the Christmas Fair next week please.

Have a lovely weekend,

Miss Kelly

Friday 25th November 2022


Only four weeks until Christmas and three weeks to the end of our first term together – how time flies especially when we’re having fun!

In our English lessons, we worked with partners creating our own mythical creatures which proved to be a very creative experience.  Then later on in the week, the class enjoyed a ‘hot seating’ activity where the children chose to be the role of either a blacksmith or a tiny knight.

During our Maths lessons, we have been working hard on the concept of exchanging and are now subtracting 2-digit and 3 digit numbers from 3-digit numbers. Using simple estimations to quickly calculate rough answers is a really useful skill, and one I encourage you to practise with your child/ren. An example of this would be: to work out 97 + 49, you could round the numbers to 100 and 50, then add the two together in your head in a straightforward fashion.

Please continue to practise our class poem, as we will be filming a performance of it in the coming weeks.

During our Science lesson, we learned how to collate and present data as part of an investigation, using a fictional survey on pet owners’ dog food preferences!

In History, we went on a fact hunt and found out how people lived in the Neolithic period, with a particular focus on Stonehenge.

During RE, we have started the Advent so quite timely with Advent beginning on Sunday.

We also enjoyed a fabulous Art lesson on abstract art focussing on flowers inspired by Georgia O’Keeffe.

Here is this week’s homework.

04 – 25.11.22 words ending with sure

Have a great weekend!

Miss Kelly

Friday 18th November 2022

Dear parents/carers,

What a week!

We started the week with our GPS lesson where we looked at words with the ‘I’ sound spelt with a ‘y’, so everyone is ready for this week’s homework. We had lots of fun working on the Greek myth ‘Theseus and the Minotaur’. We tested our acting skills again this week as we took on the role of one of the main characters in the myth and acted it out. It was just like being at the West End. Next, we created adjective banks to describe the Minotaur. After that, we started writing in the role of Theseus as he filled in his diary entry based on his experience of going down the labyrinth and coming face to face with the Minotaur.

In Maths this week, we have been very busy exchanging in both column addition and column subtraction. Please challenge the children with some calculations at home!

Our Science lesson had a computing link this week. We used the IPads to research what different animals from around the world eat.

In RE we continued to look at wisdom. We wrote a letter to our future selves offering as much advice as we could in the letters. The children will take the letters home at the end of the year.

In RHE we had a special a visit from Ms Hall where she watched us talk about all the different ways we show respect.

In our Art lesson we tried some botanical drawing, the results were amazing!

The homework can be found below (there is a comprehension this week).

03 – ‘i’ sound spelt with a ‘y’ 18.11.22


05 –Yr 3 RC05 – Looking at Books – 18.11.22

Yesterday we had a fantastic day at Gunnersbury Park where we attended an amazing workshop all about the Stone Age. We handled a hand axe and flint blades which were actually from that time period as well as seeing a real mammoth tooth.  We were also shown a replica spearhead which had been skilfully put together using animal intestines to tie the spearhead to the shaft of the arrow. Then we braved the bitter cold weather and went outside to test our hunter gatherer skills. We were shown how to spear a buffalo (no animals were injured!) and used animal skins and long sticks to build a shelter. We even got to splat some daub on our wattle to create sturdy fence-like panels. The children had a brilliant time and learned so much. We finished off our trip rolling down the hill and getting all muddy!

A huge thank you to the lovely ladies who kindly helped us out on our trip; Ceri, Marcel and Sophie.

Have a fantastic weekend,

Miss Kelly

Friday 11th November 2022

Hello, hello!

That was a particularly busy week!

I’m not sure what David Attenborough would make of our English reports about our imaginary creatures!  The children were really excited about writing their reports and had some great ideas.  This week, they used their own plans and word banks to write clearly sectioned, clearly titled reports.  They are beginning to edit their work – making improvements (correcting spelling, substituting words, and adding detail) to make their work even better.  We had all sorts of weird and wonderful animal creations.  It was lovely to see they had remembered their learning from before half term.

During Maths lessons, both groups have been working on addition and subtraction. We have been using formal methods to add with and without exchanging. We use the terms ‘exchanging’ and ‘regrouping’ (not ‘borrowing’).

In our Science lesson, we learned about healthy eating food pyramids and what a well-balanced diet might look like and why it’s important to have one.

In RE – we have started learning about Wisdom using Proverbs from The Bible.  I’m really proud that the children have learnt our year’s Bible verse off by heart.

Here is this week’s homework can be found below.

Week 2 – u sound spelt with an ‘ou’ 11.11.22

Thank you for attending our (virtual) parents’ evening meetings. It was lovely to meet and see you all!

Today, we observed two minutes silence for Remembrance Day live on BBC.

We ended the day with an Art lesson all about shading.

Have a great weekend,

Miss Kelly

Friday 4th November 2022


The children have had a fantastic start to our Autumn 2 term. They have come back and hit the ground running! Also, thank you all for the lovely birthday wishes, turning 22 has been so much fun!

In English, we were giving book recommendations to each other, spelling ‘ou’ words with the ‘ow’ sound and planning our end of unit report pieces, while also brushing up on our dictionary skills.

In our Maths lessons, aside from being super busy learning our time tables, we started using column addition. The children worked very hard and completed numerous challenges throughout the week.

During RE, we finished our unit on Sikhism and in Computing we looked at the importance of passwords and how to create a safe password.

In Science, we started our unit on Animals Including Humans, we looked at where we get nutrients from and the importance of a healthy diet.

During History, we started our unit on Prehistoric Britain. We looked at what the term ‘prehistory’ means and how and who uncovers history.

We finished off the week with an Art lesson where we looked at some art from an ‘artist view’.

The homework and comprehension can be found below.

01 04.11.22 – Ou Words Sounding Ow

04 – Yr 3 RC04 – The Cow -04.11.22

There is a change to the spellings so please read the letter below carefully.

Spelling Letter to Parents Year 3

The poem for this half term is here.

Daddy Fell into the Pond- Autumn 2

Don’t forget to check you ParentMail about our upcoming trip and if you haven’t done so already please book in for parents’ evening.

Have a lovely weekend,

Miss Kelly

Friday 21st October 2022

Hello, hello!

We made it!  It’s been a particularly busy start to the year!

Needless to say, we haven’t rested on our laurels! During this half term, we made yummy exotic fruit kebabs & a nutritious vegetable soup, completed mid-term assessments, ran a cross country race, visited the Science Museum (thank you to the parents volunteers!), celebrated Black Voices Week, had a super Scientist in Residence workshop on Rocks and finished with themed Red Card to Racism day learned about the celebration of Diwali – phew! We all definitely need a week’s break!

For Black Voices Week 3 Lear have been learning all about Grace Nichols and her country of birth, Guyana​. We learned a lot about the country and found out about her life. We’ve enjoyed listening to her read her own poems especially My Gran Visits England and Cosmic Disco.  We read more of her poems throughout a very busy week and chose our favourite poems to perform with our friends, Sugarcake Bubble and Give Yourself A Hug were some of the firm favourites.  We also read Morning and wrote our own versions of the poem which we got to perform in class. We had a great week learning all about Grace Nichols and her poems!

For Red Card to Racism Day, we started off by talking about the importance of having the day and what it means to everyone. We went through a PowerPoint where we looked at what racism is in more detail. Next, we carried out the Respect/Racism activity where we wrote different words for or situations related to the words Respect/Racism and we shared our answers with the class. After that, we played the Blue Eyes/Brown Eyes experiment and we reflected on how it made us feel and then thought about it from the point of being a victim of racism. We finished the day by creating our own eye-catching anti-racism posters which are now on display around our classroom!

Year 3 had brilliant time at the Science Museum on Thursday where they were treated to a 3D film of Antarctica. We were mesmerised by the bold, beautiful moving images in front of us.  Some of us stretched out our arms to try and touch the realistic pictures.  We learnt about living creatures in one of the most hostile habitats in the world.  We felt like we were swimming alongside seals, flying above the high mountains and walking alongside penguins when we weren’t dodging the hungry sealions! We almost hid behind our St. Stephen’s jumpers when the elephant seals took to territorial battle!  We all giggled at the speed that baby penguins squirted/excreted their white poo to create star shape patterns that are visible in space. Huge ‘thank you’ to Lizzie, Gehaan and Haniya for coming with us.

During RE, we finished our unit on what Sikhs believe and had an RHE session on what is a dare. We also completed end-of-half term tests in Geography and Science.

The homework to be handed in on the first week back can be found below (there is no comprehension). We will have our usual Friday tests on Friday 4th November 2022.  Remember to keep practising times tables, telling the time and number bonds to 100.

07 – Y3 Homework – Aut 1 21.10.22

The children performed their poem for this term ‘The Owl and The Pussy Cat’ by Edward Lear. The children were amazing, however, due to Wi-Fi problems I can’t upload it so I will upload it on the first week back!

There is a link to some recorder practise from Miss Rachel below., enjoy!

Have a fantastic half term,

Miss Kelly

Friday 14th October 2022

Dear parent/carers,

What a week!

In English, we continued our unit of work on reports by looking at their key features. We also tackled a reading comprehension based around the exemplar text we have been using for this unit, a made-up report on the ‘sneaglegator’ (ask your child about this one!) During our GPS lesson, we practised using the prefix pre-.

During Maths, we worked with adding and subtracting 1-digit numbers from 3-digit ones, first without crossing 10, then later with crossing 10. We also worked hard on spotting patterns and writing directly into our Maths books.

In our Geography lesson, we completed our end of unit assessment, while during RE, we reflected upon the importance of the Amrit ceremony for Sikhs.

We were very lucky to have a session with the Scientist in Residence, Mercedes today. We worked in our groups to study fossils and then use this information to making our own bread based fossils. We also looked at soil formation and had lots of fun creating our own soil, just in time for the school photographs!

This week’s homework and comprehension can be found below:

06 – Y3 Homework – Aut 1 14.10.22 MK

03 – Yr 3 RC03 – Working on a Farm – 14.10.22

Don’t forget to learn your poem for next week as we will be performing it!

The Owl and the Pussycat- Autumn 1

A message from Miss Hall:On Friday 21st October, we will be holding our annual ‘Red Card to Racism’ day. For those of you unfamiliar, this is an opportunity to show support and raise money for the UK’s largest anti-racism charity. On the day, children can wear their own clothes and we encourage them all to wear something red. If you are able to, we ask that children make a contribution to the charity in the buckets that will be in the playground before school that morning.https://www.theredcard.org/.

A message from Mr Gane:

Maths Homework

Mathletics is our eco-friendly homework setting system for Maths and children’s weekly work is monitored and assessed in exactly the same manner as traditional written homework.

Homework tasks set on Mathletics are expected to be completed on rough paper, with the final answers then entered in to the device – unless specifically stated, it is NOT mental Maths, so ‘workings out’ are expected/required at home, but not to be handed in. Remember that most questions have an animation that explicitly explains the method, demonstrating each step to solve the problem, if your child needs a reminder of how to complete the task.

Technical Issues

We have checked that your child’s login details are correct, if in doubt do ask the teacher to check again. That means that for any other issues, parents/carers should contact the Mathletics helpline, as it will be an issue with your internet set up at home, or iPad setting or browser or any other number of issues – we can’t help there. See the information below that might help.

Mathletics can be accessed by PC/Mac, iOS and Android devices as well as Windows tablets and Chromebooks – on the laptops at school we find that it works best using either the Microsoft Edge or Chrome browsers. See http://www.3plearning.com/tech/mathletics/ for more details and if you experience difficulty in loading the Mathletics website at home please contact Mathletics ‘LIVE Chat Online’ help or email via https://www.mathletics.com/in/contact/

Have a fantastic weekend!

Miss Kelly

Friday 7th October 2022

Hello, hello!

What a week in Year 3 Lear!

During English, we started our unit of work on reports by looking at their key features, working in partners to create posters that showed examples of the different features found in non-fiction texts, including headings, subheadings, captions, diagrams, photographs, facts, contents pages, indexes and glossaries. During our separate GPS lesson, we focused on proper dictionary use.

In Maths, after completing our unit of work on place value and have completed our end of topic assessment.  We will be using these to inform us about possible changes in the Maths groups starting after half term

During our RE lesson, we looked at the forming of the Khalsa, a pivotal time in the history of Sikhism.  We learnt that khalsa means the ‘pure ones’.

In Geography, we have used fact cards and atlases to find out more about countries and cities.

In Science, we have been learning about different uses of rock and discussed where rocks can be found in and around school and our homes & gardens.

This week’s homework can be found below.

05 – Y3 Homework – Aut 1 07.10.22

On Thursday, we had the excitement of DT day (thank you for sending in the chopping boards and peelers at short notice) where we learnt about seasonal vegetables and used a selection of them to make soup.  Some of the children were not so thrilled about making the soup so it was a relief that we managed to convert a few children to liking/enjoying it.  Quoting one child, ‘It looks yucky on the outside but it’s actually yummy!’

We finished the week with Hispanic Day – the school was awash with colours of Spanish countries – thanks to Ms Pereira for organising. We started the day by coming together to sing La Cucharacha, a Mexican folksong. We then watched an amazing ‘illusion Flamenca’ by some Mexican dancers in traditional costume. During the day, we had parent volunteers Ana and Gonzalez who read stories in Spanish to us, we learnt about Ecuadorian artist Oswaldo Guyasamin and we took part in a dance workshop. The children also created some art inspired by Chilean artist Roberta Matta – thanks to Nick for his fantastic workshop, the children had a great time! For lunch we enjoyed a Spanish feast and finally at the end of the day we all came back together to watch and listen to a live Mariachi Band! Olé! Don’t forget to check out the school’s Twitter page for some lovely pictures of our day!

Have a fantastic week,

Miss Kelly

Friday 30th September 2022

Dear parents/carers,

We had another busy week here in 3 Lear!

During English, we planned and started to write our own detailed descriptive pieces from a ‘bug’s eye’ view. As part of the writing process, next week we will be sure to re-read our work with a view to improving it, a key part of the Year 3 English Writing curriculum. I am looking forward to reading and marking all of their hard work next week!

In Maths, we continued our work on number and place value. We built upon last week’s work, finding 1, 10 or 100 more or less than given numbers. We then compared and sequenced numbers up to 1000 and developed our understanding of the terms ‘ascending’ and ‘descending’.

In our RE lesson, we learned about Guru Nanak and his importance to Sikhs. As a whole class, we discussed the qualities of a good leader and thought showered the people we follow. We then learned that main leader of the Sikh faith is Guru Nanak. The terms ‘guru’ (teacher) and Sikh (‘learner’) were then explained. We then learned about the early life of Guru Nanak, focusing on Guru Nanak’s teaching on equality and his experience of going to bathe and being with God for three days when he was 30 years old. We reflected upon what the qualities of Guru Nanak teach a Sikh about how to behave towards other people. The lesson was then finished by using the ‘Diamond Nine’ format in small groups, where children were challenged to define and rate the qualities of a good leader in order of importance.

In our Computing lesson, we started to learn about the importance of online safety practices; using the SMART acronym as a jumping-off point. We created eye-catching posters about online safety following the SMART principles. The children created some beautiful posters.

In Science, we carried out an experiment with our partners to see if we could find the most hard-wearing rock from our collection of rocks in the classroom. Lots of fun was had!

In our Geography lessons, we worked with our partners to find out specific information about our chosen continents, and the capital cities of various countries around the world.

Here is this week’s homework (please note that there is a reading comprehension element):

04 – Y3 Homework – Aut 1 30.09.22

02 – Yr 3 RC02 – Caterpillars -30. 09 .22

Have a fantastic weekend,

Miss Kelly

PS Recorder practise music from Miss Rachel

Friday 23rd September 2022


In our RE lesson this week, we learnt about the ‘Ik Onkar’ symbol, which means ‘there is only one God’. After doing this, we designed our own symbols that included our beliefs and ideas.

During English, we planned and started to write our own detailed descriptive pieces from a ‘bug’s eye’ view. As part of the writing process, next week we will be sure to re-read our work with a view to improving it, a key part of the Year 3 English Writing curriculum.

In Maths, we continued our work on number and place value. We built upon last week’s work focusing on numbers to 1000. We compared, sequenced and partitioned numbers up to 1000. We also tried out best to write the numbers in words.

In Science, we grouped rocks according to their characteristics.

During Geography, we located countries on a world map.

This week’s homework can he found below. There is no comprehension this week.

03 – Y3 Homework – Aut 1 23.09.22

Don’t forget to check your ParentMail about our trip next month.

Have a great weekend,

Miss Kelly

Friday 16th September 2022

Hello, hello!

We’re all settling in to the year quickly and have been busy.

This week’s homework is spellings practise (using the handwriting sheet attached inside the homework book), reading comprehension – Monkey Business, Mathletics tasks and times tables practise which should be shown in the back of the book.  We are aware that some children could not find Mathletics tasks – we’ll try again this week.  Please let your class teacher know if you experience problems this week.

During Maths, we built upon last week’s work, using number lines for numbers up to 100. We have also made practical use of our newly-refined number and place value skills by starting to solve number and place value-related partitioning problems.

During English, we continued to use Dick King-Smith’s ‘The Omnibombulator’ as a reference text for our work on stories with familiar settings. Next week, we will plan and start to write our very own descriptive pieces from a ‘bug’s eye’ view. As part of the writing process, next week we will be sure to re-read our work with a view to improving it, a key part of the Year 3 English Writing curriculum.

During Geography, we identified and located continents on a world map and enjoyed singing the continents song we learnt in Year 2.

In our RE lesson, we designed a wisdom poster based on Year 3’s value of ‘Wisdom’. We also enjoyed listening to a wisdom song over the week too!

During Science, we started work on rocks. In doing this, we looked at natural and human-made rocks, and the differences between them.

In our Computing lesson, we started to learn about the importance of online safety practices signing a contract and tried using our own logins for the first time!  We also had a chance to look at the school library system, Reading Cloud. We have stuck the children’s Reading Cloud logins on the inside front cover of their homework book. As part of their homework, they can try logging in and creating their own avatar!

We finished the week by making fruit skewers – delicious!

This week’s spellings practise (using the handwriting sheet attached inside the homework book) and times tables can be found below.

02 – Y3 Homework – Aut 1 16.09.22

The reading comprehension for this week can be found below.

01 – Yr 3 RC01 – Monkey Business -16.09.2022


Don’t forget to wear your PE kit on Tuesday for our cricket session and on Thursday for our PE lesson!

Have a great weekend,

Miss Kelly

Friday 9th September 2022

Dear parents/carers,

3 Lear have had a great start to the academic year and have settled in very well!

Our first week together has been an excellent one – the class have worked extremely hard during lots of different activities and have produced some work to very proud of.

During the week, pupils completed a range of beginning-of-term tests designed to gauge their current knowledge levels as they enter Year 3. Individual tests were completed on: reading, spelling and Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling.

These tests were used to inform our teaching moving forward. A great effort was put forth by all!

This week’s homework can be found at the link below.

01 – Y3 Homework – Aut 1

The number of spellings the children are to learn is on the inside front cover of their homework books along with their Mathletics logins.

The written homework for this is to be handed in no later than this coming Wednesday 14th September 2022.

Our poem for the half term

The Owl and the Pussycat- Autumn 1

Please practise this with your child/ren on a regular basis ahead of us performing it as a class at the end of the half term.

This morning we also attended a service of remembrance to honor the Queen’s 70 year reign and her dedication and commitment to our country.

For those of you who haven’t already done so, please read the ParentMail message that went out at the start of the week.

Have a fantastic weekend,

Miss Kelly


RHE - Keeping Safe

RHE Knowledge Page – Keeping Safe

This half term our Relationships and Health Education topic is ‘Keeping Safe’. You will find a break down of the upcoming lessons and key vocabulary on our ‘Knowledge Page’ which below this paragraph. This will give you a greater understanding of what conversations we are having with your children and when. If you would like to discuss the content of these lessons further, please get in touch.

Year 3 Keeping Safe