Year 4

Welcome to the class page for Year 4 Eliot. Here you can find out everything we’ve been up to during the week, as well as what the homework tasks are.

Our teacher is Miss Marchant and our TA is Miss Tracey.

Class Updates

Friday 17th January

Wow, what a great performance by Eliot Class yesterday. I was so pleased with how hard they worked, they knew all their lines perfectly and it all came together on the day! Thank you for all your help with the line learning and song singing, it definitely would have made my job a lot harder without you. A huge thanks also goes out to Miss Tracey and Miss Rachel for all their help with the acting and singing.

On more mundane matters, in English, we have been continuing with our class book St. George and the Dragon. We worked on our comprehension skills, practiced our expanded noun phrases and continued to learn about how and when to use inverted commas. The children are becoming really confident with knowing when someone is speaking in a text as well as being able to tell when a new speaker has come in. This can be tough but has been helped by our rhyme ’66 and 99, new speaker, new line’. Next week we will plan our own versions of the story and I look forward to seeing all their fantastic descriptive writing being put into practice.

Miss Marchant’s Maths
This week, we have been moving forward with our multiplication unit. We started the week learning about correspondence and scaling questions. Correspondence questions are when you are asked to work out a question such as ‘if there are 10 windows on a train and 5 windows on a bus. If there are 135 windows in total, how many trains and buses could there be?’ These can be tricky for children to get their heads around but the class’s strong multiplication knowledge has really helped. We worked on scaling problems yesterday which the children found more straightforward as they were able to apply it to real life. They were given recipes that served 12 for example and needed to edit the ingredients list to make cakes for 24, 36, 48 etc. Today we then started our multiplication and division end of topic test which we will finish next week. The children found this quite hard so please keep practicing times tables over the weekend.

This week we started our History topic where this half term we are looking at the Mayans. So far, we have discussed what we know already and come up with some questions on what we would like to find out by the end of the topic.  Next week we will focus on Mayan artefacts.

Spellings and grammar sentences
Times Table practise
No comprehension

Have a lovely weekend!
Miss Marchant

Friday 10th January 2020

Happy New Year! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. Our first week back has school has flown by and everyone has come back feeling refreshed and ready to learn (me included!).

In English this week we have started our new text ‘George and the Dragon’ by Geraldine McCaughrean. It is a book full of exiting vocabulary and a gripping story, which so far the children are enjoying. We started the week by talking about predicting and inferring. The children were given pictures and quotes from the book and had to predict what was going to happen based on what they could see on their sheets. We then looked through the first part of the story and searched for any exciting or unusual vocabulary for which we could then look up the definitions. This was a useful task, as not only will it help for when we come to write our own version in the coming weeks, but it also allowed us to practice our dictionary skills. We finished off the week acting out parts of the story.

In Maths this week we have carried on with our topic of multiplication. We have focused on the column method of multiplication and have successfully managed to multiply a 3 digit number by a 1 digit number. It can take a lot of practice understanding this more ‘compact’ method (the method you or I would use) but the children have taken to it well and some are all moving on to the challenges. Remember to keep up the times table practice to help make this method even easier. Because we were feeling fairly confident, we were able to move onto word problems, which allowed us to put our mathematical knowledge into practice. Next week we move onto multiplying 3 numbers together and scaling problems.

It is full steam ahead with our assembly, so we won’t be starting our Humanities or Science until it is over. I have attached the script and song lyrics in case anyone loses their script – remember to keep practicing!

Thank you to the parents who have offered to help with our upcoming trip, we always appreciate the support. We have another on the 5th of February so keep an eye out for the letter which will be coming soon.


Just a reminder that school starts at 8:55 am but we still have a lot pupils just getting into school (not the classroom) at 9:00am. Unfortunately this will make mean that those pupils will receive a late mark which will show up on their attendance record.

Next week we have gymnastics on Tuesday so please bring in PE kits.

Coats are a must for this term as well as jumpers – please make sure your child is equipped with both everyday

It is the Spanish meeting next Wednesday at 6.30pm


Comprehension – please complete as many sections as you can.

Spellings and grammar sentences

Times Tables

Have a lovely weekend,

Miss Marchant

Friday 20th December

We made it! We have had a busy week filled with festivities, including Christmas games, watching Christmas films, singing Christmas carols and finished off with a fantastic Christmas quiz. Whilst it has been a great term, it is definitely time for the children to have a well-earned break.

Thank you for such a great autumn term, I have loved teaching the whole class and am looking forward to everything that is to come in the New Year.

Please note there is no other homework over the holidays – everyone has worked hard and deserves a break.

I must also say thank you so much for your gifts, they were all so lovely. I am incredibly grateful and touched by your generosity.

I hope you all have a lovely Christmas and New Year. See you in 2020!

Friday 13th December

Another busy week in 4 Eliot with practicing for the carol concert and nativity viewings, rounded off nicely with DT day. Yesterday for our DT day, we were making Nativity scenes in shoe boxes to be taken home next week as Christmas decorations. The children worked really hard and produced some very creative versions of the Nativity.

I must also thank everyone for a wonderful birthday on Tuesday. Thank you to the pupils for their singing, all their cards and gifts. It made it a really lovely day and I was touched by it all.

In English, we have continued our work on explanation texts, which has been gearing us up to write our own next week. On Monday, we looked through our exemplar text on dishwashers and created our own dictionary based on the vocabulary we did not know. This is a good way to get children using dictionaries and starting to think about using a range of vocabulary. This set us in good stead to start planning our own explanation report. We broke our ideas down into small paragraphs and really began to think precisely about how our own item was going to work. We have had some great invention ideas, from kettles boiling water by using fire breathing dragons, to cows eating the grass as the lawnmower goes along and to elephants powering leaf blowers. What an imaginative class! Of course, whilst planning this we couldn’t forget our spelling words and literary features we have been thinking about, so we came up with some sentences where we could include these in our own text. Next week we will write our first draft, edit it and then write our final version of our explanation texts.

Miss Marchant’s Maths

This week, we have been continuing with our multiplication and division unit and have moved on to the formal written method. To start with we looked at the distributive law and how it linked to the grid method. This is a useful method when first thinking about multiplying larger numbers as it partitions the numbers into their tens and ones to make the calculation more manageable. We then moved onto multiplying numbers using the column method as this will eventually be much quicker and easier for them to use. We will continue to do more of this next week. As always, I can tell the children are practicing their times tables as they are getting quicker at producing the answers – please keep it up!


Please remind all children to bring all items of clothing/bags/lunch boxes home throughout the week.



Spelling and grammar sentences

Multiplication facts



Carol Service song


Book competition

Last year, many of the children at St Stephen’s entered the Daunt Books Children’s Short Story Competition. Indeed we even had some winners from our school over the past few years. What an honour to have three published authors in our own school. This year, I would like to encourage any other keen writers from St Stephens to enter, as it is a wonderful opportunity to write a story for pleasure and potentially see it in print!


The competition is open to all children aged four to fifteen. The story must be all your child’s own work and must be between 300 and 1500 words.

How do I submit?
You should email your story as an attachment to l.pereira@ststephensce.lbhf.sch.uk by Friday 20th February. Please put your child’s name, age and class as the email title and on the story attached.

Eg: Sally- class Y4 Elliot (Age 9)

Please make sure that the stories are typed, double-spaced and single sided. We will then forward all St Stephen’s entries to Daunt bookshop by the closing date. A copy of the children’s stories will be kept in a special folder in the Library for all to read.

Results will be announced in April 2020 and winning stories will be published in during summer term.

Good luck and I look forward to reading your children’s stories!

Lia Pereira.

Have a lovely weekend,

Miss Marchant

Friday 6th December

It’s finally December and we can start talking about Christmas! This week we have decorated the classroom in preparation for the festivities, as well as started linking our art topic to Christmas. The children have been focussing on creating their own Nativity scene that they will then be able to take home as a decoration. For this we will need shoe boxes, so if anyone has any spares that we could use we would greatly appreciate it!

In English we started our new unit of non-fiction writing based on explanation texts. We started the week off by reading through a range of explanation texts and seeing if we could come up with a list of common features that we will then be including in our own explanation texts. We came up with: diagrams, title, sub-title, topic specific vocabulary, time connectives and an introduction as well as our spelling words and our literary features such as fronted adverbials, expanded noun phrases and alliteration. We then introduced our new class text called ‘How does a dishwasher work?’ As we read through the text, the class soon realised all was not as it originally seemed and this particular dishwasher is operated by cats sneaking up a ramp behind the dishwasher and cleaning all the dirty, disgusting plates with their tongues. This of course caught the children’s attention and they are very keen to be writing their own version of how everyday appliances work with a small twist.

Miss Marchant’s maths:

This week we have started thinking about our multiplication and division unit. We have focussed on the commutative law (where AxB is the same as BxA), factor pairs and division facts. All of this consolidation of our times tables will stand us in good stead for moving onto the formal written method for multiplication next week. We have been continuing with our times table challenge at the start of every lesson. The children have two minutes to answer as many multiplication questions on the sheet as possible. Doing this regularly has really improved how many they can do, with most children answering 30+ questions. It’s so great to see all the practice they are doing at home.

In RE we have looked at the Beatitudes of Jesus. These are a list of blessings that Jesus preached at the Sermon on the Mount which offer a moral code which is still relevant today. The children were given a sheet with the eight Beatitudes and had to order them from what they thought were the most to the least important. Next week, we will move on to our topic based on Christmas.


Times tables

Spelling and grammar



Have a lovely weekend,

Miss Marchant


Homework due back by 24.01.20 Week 2 17.01.20 sc words

No Comprehension

Hit the Button is a great game for practicing times tables!

Reading books need to be brought in at least once a week to be changed!