Year 4

Welcome to the class page for Year 4 Eliot. Here you can find out everything we’ve been up to during the week, as well as our homework tasks.

Our teacher is Miss Marchant and our TA is Miss Tracey.


Please find below additional links to educational sites you may use in addition to the daily tasks starting 23/03/20.






Daily tasks will appear in the homework section of this page.

Thank you for your continued support.

Miss Marchant

Class Updates


Good morning Year 4, I hope you all had a lovely weekend!

By now you should have all received your logins and instructions on how to use Google Classroom and hopefully they are all working. Do email me if you have any problems logging on or have any other questions. So far only 11 of you have logged on so please could the remaining children try out the new system today!

We have set you two Mathletics tests – Mrs Jeffrey’s group has been given a Spring test and I have given my group the Autumn test – different tests have been set to enable us to set different time limits.  You will all do the other test next time.

If you want to say thanks to inspirational NHS staff visit  KS2 Step into the NHS competitionwhich launched last summer and asks pupils to design a ‘thank you’.

Enjoy today’s work. Speak tomorrow via Google Classroom!

Miss Marchant


Hello again everyone! I hope you are doing well.

It’s Friday! The end of another week in lockdown and well done to everyone who’s been working so hard, especially our two Stars of the Week – check out the main School page for our first lockdown stars.

As you may have seen, we are going to be setting our daily tasks a little differently next week, using Google Classroom. This will be starting from Wednesday 6th May. There will be full instructions on this soon, but it will be a good way for us all to stay in touch and for us as teachers to make sure that you are keeping busy with your school work! The tasks we give you will be similar to what we already give you – you’ll just access it in a different way. More information and login details coming soon.

Have a great weekend and speak again on Monday.

Miss Marchant


Morning everyone!

It was so lovely to see all your smiling faces yesterday on Zoom, it made me miss all of you! But it is good to see you all looking healthy and happy.

It’s raining with me this week which is a shame but it is giving me plenty of time to get started on painting my shelves… watch this space.

Keep sending your work in and keep happy!

Miss Marchant


Hello Year Four!

How did our first day back go? I’ve been sent some lovely and thought provoking prayers by a few of you, so keep up the good work and keep sending me snapshots of what you’ve been up to!

I can hardly believe that today is the fifth week since we started this strange journey, despite the lack of school routine time really is passing by quickly! I must comment again on how amazingly you have all adjusted to this ‘new school’ life, it makes me very proud of you all.

Remember we have a group zoom call tomorrow, I am looking forward to speaking to you!

Have a good day.

Miss Marchant

27.04.20 Week 3!

Morning everyone! I hope you all had a lovely weekend and managed to spend some time in the sun, it looks like it’s meant to be a miserable week weather wise sadly.

Hopefully you will have all seen the ParentMail from Mr Schumm saying we have a class zoom call on Wednesday 29th at midday, I hope you can all make it. I’ve been missing you all so am looking forward to having a catch up to see what you have been up to.

Today’s work is up, I hope you enjoy it!

Miss Marchant

24.04.20 - Happy Friday!

Good morning everyone! I hope you are all feeling well after our first week ‘back’.  I was watching Big Night In last night and was very sad to see that none of our video attempts made it into the new Amarillo video, Peter Kay doesn’t know what he was missing out on! I thought you were all great so well done to those who sent in their clips.

Apologies for the late upload of work this morning, I thought I was being organised posting it the night before but I forgot to press publish on the page – ooops!

I am certainly ready for the weekend and I plan on painting some shelves and making chocolate orange brownies – yum! Do let me know what you get up to.

Speak on Monday!



Happy St George’s Day – today we’ve given you some activities around St George so we can learn a little bit more about him. Enjoy!

I have been sent some great work this week, including a story read by Kit which was lovely! Keep it all coming.

Have a great day and stay safe.

Miss Marchant


And it is the middle of the week already! April is flying by.

I have been at school for the past two days which has been lovely. It has been nice to see some of the other children and also have a change of scene! I have heard from nearly all of you this week which has been really nice. Do keep emailing as it is nice to hear what you have been up to.

I hope you have managed to enjoy some of the sunshine we’ve had this week, whether it has been on your one activity a day or just out in your gardens. I am just off for a walk before starting some work. Have a good day!

Also, it is Mrs Jeffrey’s birthday today so if you fancy dropping her a line, I am sure she would love to hear from you – particularly those in her Maths class.

Miss Marchant

Welcome back!

Good morning Year 4, I hope you all had lovely Easters and didn’t eat too much chocolate!

I hope you had a chance to see some of the updates Mr Schumm has been posting. I have been following him reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory as well as enjoying the numerous TikToks we have seen.

So we’re back to the home learning this week. I’ve posted today’s in the usual place so I hope you enjoy the activities. We’re currently reviewing our format this week so there are likely to be a few changes this term, but I’ll keep you posted.

As always, I love seeing your work and what you have been up to so do send me emails and photos! Another more 3 weeks and hopefully we will know some more by then and be able to come back to school.

Speak tomorrow,

Miss Marchant

Friday 3rd April, end of the Spring term!

Morning everyone

The official start of the Easter holidays is almost here!

Thank you again for sending in your messages and work. I love seeing it along with photos of what you have been up to. We are not setting official homework or specific tasks for the Easter holiday but we will give you links to resources that you might find useful to use.  We will also give you some activities which you might like to do over the holiday in case you have some free time!

We’ll send through the answers for the reading comprehension so you can mark it at home.

I hope you managed to send in your Easter Bonnet picture or video, I cant wait so see your wonderful creations.

Although none of us thought we would end our second term like this, I am still very proud of how hard you have all worked since September and now at home. Have lovely Easter Holidays and I have my fingers crossed that by the end of these next 2 weeks we will start to see an improvement in what is going on!

Speak soon,

Miss Marchant

April Fool's Day

Morning everyone! Happy April Fool’s Day, I hope you are telling (nice and friendly) jokes to your family and friends – do let me know if you manage to prank anyone!

Today’s work is up, you are all doing so well with everything we have set. I have been so impressed by your determination to carry on as if everything is normal.

Today on the News section of our School website is a post about mental health which might be useful to some of you. Do have a read.

Looking forward to seeing your most recent work – keep the emails coming!

Miss Marchant


Hello everyone! I hope you all had great weekends and are still managing to stay in.

I’ve been looking on J2E this morning and have commented on  your work, well done they all look really great. Some of you have saved half finished work so if you get a chance I would love to see the finished product! I know we have set a lot of work, so do not worry if you are struggling to complete it all. Today’s Maths task involves spreadsheets so it gives you a good chance to really explore what spreadsheets can do.  Good luck, it’s a tricky one!

I’ve also looked at all the work you’ve sent.  Some have you have worked really hard. I am so pleased with all the effort you are still putting in despite these strange times.

Don’t forget there is still the annual Easter Bonnet Parade this week! Go and look on the school’s main page to find out more. I look forward to seeing your creations!

Keep in touch – stay safe and healthy.

Miss Marchant


End of week one!

Well that was a bit of an unusual week wasn’t it? I hope you all enjoyed doing some work or at least enjoyed being at home in the sun. Its lovely to keep hearing from you, I have seen some great pictures of work, cakes that have been made, spring birds, trampolining and much more – do keep them coming!

Tasks have been set for today and with the tasks already set this week, you should have enough to keep you busy until Monday.

If you find you need some things to do this weekend, offer to help tidy your room, do the laundry, lay the table, clean and clear up.  This weekend I am going back to the countryside to see my horse…maybe I’ll post a video next week so you can see what I have been doing with her!

Stay safe and healthy, have a lovely weekend.

Miss Marchant

Day 4 of home learning

Morning everybody! Another sunny day. I am in School today and tomorrow which is nice but it feels very strange not having you to talk to and teach. Lots of you have sent work to me and it’s really nice to see you working so hard – keep up the good work!

Today’s activities are now up and it involves creating a presentation which I know you all love doing. Don’t forget to save them on J2Office so I can see all your wonderfully animated work!

Speak soon,

Miss Marchant

Day 3 of home learning

Hello again Year 4 Eliot. I hope you’re all well.

We’ve been having some lovely weather haven’t we? I have managed to sit outside and do a bit of work which is nice. I hope you have been able to get some fresh air as well.

I’m starting to go through some of the research you did yesterday on Motte and Bailey Castles. The ones I have seen look excellent and you have included so much detail! I’m hoping to look through more in the coming days, so keep up the hard work.

I hope the activities set are clear. If you are stuck on anything, or would like to send anything to me, please do email me. I have heard from some of you which has been lovely.

I hope you have another good day and I’ll be in touch tomorrow with further updates!

Miss Marchant

Day 2 of home learning

Good morning Year 4! I hope you all had a great day yesterday in the sun. It feels weird not being with you this week but hopefully we can all be back at St Stephen’s again as soon as possible.

Thank you to those who emailed me yesterday, it was lovely to hear from you.

Your work today has been uploaded for you to do, but please remember he work we set is optional and will not be marked formally and is for you to do if you can.  Please do not worry if you don’t understand what to do or are unable to complete it. I will answer any questions by email, however please be aware we have restricted remote access to the school directory so it might take a while to access the answers!

Mathletics is always available and we will set tasks 2-3 times a week.  In fact, my Maths group have plenty of uncompleted tasks from previous weeks.

A mentioned on the homework sheet yesterday, Joe Wicks the ‘Body Coach’ is running live PE lessons at 9am every week day, these are a great way to start the day. Let me know if you do any of the workouts, I will try and do some too!

Have a lovely day and speak tomorrow.

Miss Marchant

Friday 20th March

It has been a slightly strange week with all the goings on outside of School, but we have still managed to carry on with our usual routine and the children have remained very upbeat. We finished off our Iron Man unit by writing persuasive letters. All their writing was fantastic and I am so pleased to see how hard they are working, it is certainly paying off.

Today we finished off the week with a Drama workshop with Mark from Raw Drama. The children were focussing on growing in confidence and performed scenes from everyday life. For example, having a discussion with a friend outside the Head Teacher’s office or persuading an adult to let you go to a party. It was lovely to see them performing so well and made a slightly odd week end on a really positive note.

As you know the School is shutting today and from Monday we will be setting online activities for the children to do. Every day we will be setting English and Maths activities as well as other project work so the children are still occupied during this time. These will be both on and off the computer. Mrs Pereira will also be doing a weekly topic based story and quiz on the school website in ‘Library Corner’ so do have a look there as well. As well as the more academic activities, Mrs Jeffery and I may also be setting challenges for the children to do around the house, whether that is helping out with dinner or making the beds in the house. To find all this information, please look at our blog page for the daily updates.

Please do not feel that you have to send me feedback about each task you have done, these are activities to provide structure, keep topics fresh and keep the children thinking. Mrs Jeffrey and I greatly appreciate your patience while we get used to this new way of working. We must stress that everything we set is optional. In this stressful time we do not wish to add to that! We have done really well to make it this close to the end of term and I do not feel that the pupils will be that disadvantaged by the extended Easter break.

I would love to hear what everyone has been up to, so if you or the children want to email me then please do – questions, photos or just a hello will always be well received!

I will miss 4 Eliot over the next few weeks, they have been a great class. I hope you all stay healthy and that we will be back at St Stephen’s soon.

Thank you for your continued support.

Miss Marchant

Friday 13th March

Back to normal this week (as normal as we can be in these times) and it has been good to get back into the usual routine of Maths, English and all our other subjects. Parents’ Evening bookings have now gone live so please do book a ten-minute slot for the 25th or the 26th March. If these times do not work for you please do not hesitate to get in touch and I am more than happy to see you at a more convenient time.

This week in English, we started our new unit which is on persuasive writing and based around Ted Hughes’ book ‘The Iron Man’, where a man made of iron gets trapped in a hole by some farmers. We started the week by looking at example persuasive texts and seeing if we could come up with a list of features we will need to include in our own writing. We came up with clear introduction, rhetorical questions, bossy language (must, should, have to), backing up arguments with clear points as well as powerful adjectives. We then thought about whether we would want to set the Iron Man free from the hole or keep him trapped. Next week we will be planning and writing our own persuasive letters.

Miss Marchant’s Maths

This week, we finally said goodbye to our fractions unit and of course finishing a unit would not be complete without an end of topic test and I must say I was absolutely thrilled by the results. Everyone has worked so hard and it has really paid off. We then moved on to our decimals unit and started off by understanding what a tenth and a hundredth is using all that place value knowledge we practiced back in September as well as what we have been learning in fractions.

We have continued with our Electricity topic this term and this week looked at drawing electrical circuits and using switches to turn a bulb on and off. This is a really fun topic to do with the children as we can create lots of our own electrical circuits using wires, crocodile clips, batteries and bulbs which they always love.


We have a trip next week (details on ParentMail) and we still need parent volunteers. If you are available please let me know.

With the Easter Bonnet Parade in only a few weeks, it might be an idea to get the creations underway now!

Please equip children with tissues when coming into school and talk to them about the seriousness of washing their hands, there has been a lot of coughing and sneezing going around!

Arts Café is today so please do come along and have a look at some of the pieces your children created.



Grammar and sentences


Times Tables


Have a lovely weekend,

Miss Marchant

Friday 6th March

This week has been Arts Week and the children have taken part in a range of fantastic activities. As always with Arts Week, we have a core painting and all activities and projects are based around it. This year our painting was Gustav Klimt’s work The Tree of Life. We started the week by discussing what we liked about Klimt’s work and then moved on to doing a comprehension about his life. This helped us to understand more about Gustav Klimt and his work before we got on to doing our own art work.

For our main class project, we decided we were going to create our own version of The Tree of Life. We used watercolour pencils to draw small coloured circles over a sheet of A3 paper. We then designed our own Tree of Life on black paper and stuck this on top to create a silhouette effect. The children worked hard on these and they have turned out really well.

We also took part in two workshops based on creative writing and biscuit decoration. With Mrs Pereira, the class wrote some lovely poetry based upon the tree of life and with Grace Wilder, they decorated biscuits and branches which were put together to create their own Tree of Life. It looked fantastic and I was also lucky enough to try some of Grace’s cooking, it was delicious! Thank you so much to all the people that offered to help this week, the children have loved it.

It was World Book Day yesterday and I am amazed at the effort all of you put in with the costumes. We had a range of characters from Dog Man, Suffragettes, Oliver Twists, the Wicked Witch of the East as well as our class winners, Miss Trunchbul and the Golden Snitch. Everyone looked absolutely fantastic and really put my horse riding costume to shame!

Everyone has been fantastic this week but I must thank all the companies and parent helpers for delivering productive workshops and also Mr Cookson who organised everything and without whom none of this would have happened! Next week we are back to normal with Maths and English as well as all our other subjects.


We have a trip coming up in the next couple of weeks, please see Parent Mail for more details. For this trip we require two parent helpers for our class, sadly we cannot take any more parents on this trip as we have already been allocated a certain amount of tickets from the venue. If you would be interested, please email me. This will be done on a first come first serve basis.

Next Friday is the Art’s Café where the children’s work will be displayed so do come along and have a look at what else we have been up to!




Times tables

As it is International Women’s day on Sunday, we require each child to create a poster by whom they are inspired. I look forward to seeing the final pieces!


Have a lovely weekend,

Miss Marchant

Friday 28th February

Welcome back! I hope you all had a lovely half term. All the children have come back raring to go and have enthusiastically tackled any task given to them. We started off the week by doing the DT that we missed due to Woodrow House. For our topic this term, we were looking at bridges and how they are built securely to carry a load. Using lollypop sticks and glue guns, the children created different types of bridges in small groups and tested their work with toy cars. All bridges were able to hold weight for over ten seconds without breaking, so they should all be really pleased with their efforts.

We then moved on to Health and Wellbeing Day which developed our understanding of our physical and emotional health. For our first activity, we decided to focus on thinking about who keeps us safe. We spoke about how fire fighters, police, nurses and doctors all have a responsibility to keep us safe but then we reflected on this and thought that we also have responsibility to keep ourselves safe, we cannot just rely on other people. For our second activity, we discussed choices and how we all have different opinions in our lives. Sometimes we will have different views to our friends and this is ok, we can still be friends and support one another without judging them.

In English, we have been studying Japanese poetry. Over the week we have looked at Haiku, Tanka and Cinquain poems which all require a certain number of syllables per line. We wrote our own based on our half term holidays and performed them to the class. Everyone had some very original ideas!

Miss Marchant’s Maths

This week we have continued with our topic on fractions. We had a recap lesson on where we looked at equivalent fractions, counting in fraction and adding fractions and I was pleased to see that everyone had retained all the information from before half term. We then moved on to fractions of an amount, for example ¼ of 24. We started by using the bar model where our bar would represent 24 and we would split it into equal sections, in this case 4. Once we were confident, we used multiplication and division as this is a quicker way of working out the answer. We then moved on to apply our fraction knowledge to word problems, which shows the children how fractions can be used in everyday life. Next week, we should be finishing this unit and then moving on to decimals but of course our fractions knowledge will help us a lot when we discuss what a tenth or a hundredth is.


Please remind all pupils to bring their library books to school on Fridays.

PE is on Monday and Thursday so please make sure all children have their PE kits on those days.

Next week is Arts Week, if anyone has any spare bits of cardboard for a project we will be doing we would greatly appreciate it. We don’t need much, so any scraps you can find!



Spellings and grammar sentences


Some children will have more than three activities as their half term Mathletics was not completed.

Friday 14th February

We had an absolutely fantastic time at Woodrow House. The children were well behaved and were a joy to spend 3 days with. We took part in several activities including archery, low-ropes, nightline, parachute games as well as lots of other enjoyable activities. All of these were run by a member of the Woodrow House team and they really helped the children work on their team building skills. We finished off our trip with a disco and it was lovely to see everyone dressed in their best clothes, coming together as two classes. Pictures to follow when I have had a chance to go through them.

I hope you all have a lovely break and that the children aren’t too tired this weekend!

Please remember that homework was set last Friday and isn’t due back until the first Friday back. I have also asked the children to type up their 500 Word Story over half term and e-mail this to me so I can then submit it. If there is a problem with doing this, please email me. I have photocopied their work and this has been taken home.

Have a lovely and restful half term!

Miss Marchant

Friday 7th February

Our final full week of this term has ended; I am shocked at how quickly this term has passed. It feels like we have only just come back from the Christmas break. We had another week packed full with our usual lessons, as well as a trip to the Science Museum on Wednesday and Coding Day today.

At the Science Museum, the children were encouraged to be ‘hands-on’ with as many different activities as possible. We participated in a range of activities, many linked to our recent Science topics, including electricity, light, sound, matter and maths. There were electrical circuits to be completed, a demonstration on how lighting can be created indoors, indoor play slides to demonstrate friction, coloured tiles plus much much more. There was a lot to see and do and the children had a wonderful time.


In English this week we have been creating our 500 Word stories for the BBC competition. The children have come up with some very imaginative story lines and I can’t wait to read the final pieces next week. We will be typing these up in School and then I will submit them to be judged – how exciting!

In Maths we have continued with fractions, this week focussing on equivalent fractions. The children did really well using diagrams to understand how fractions that look different can in fact have the same value. For example 1/2 = 2/4. We have no Maths next week as we will be preparing for Woodrow House but we will be back all guns blazing after half term. However, please continue to keep up the times table practice while we are off!

Next Wednesday we are off to Woodrow House! Please make sure that all children pack the correct outdoor clothing as sent out on the clothing list a few weeks back. Wellies or walking boots are necessary and trainers alone will not survive the amount mud we will encounter I’m afraid. Gloves, hats and scarves will also be useful along with spare clothes in case we are caught in the rain during our activities. With regards to the rooms, Mrs Jeffrey and I have asked each child which three friends they would like to be with and we have arranged for them to be with at least one of those friends. As I am sure you can imagine, this has been a slightly complicated process but all children have now been assigned rooms with their selected peer(s) and we have to stress that no rooms will be rearranged after we tell the children on Tuesday. Thank you so much for your support and understanding.


Please could all children take their PE kits home on Tuesday ready for them to be washed over half term.

Please keep an eye on your phone next Friday, as we will send out a text giving you a rough idea of our ETA. Children will be available for pick up before 3:30pm on this afternoon.


The homework being set tonight is not due until the first Friday after half term (28.02.20) as we appreciate going away next week gives the children a limited amount of time to get the work done.


Spellings and grammar

Times Tables

Mathletics – I have set a lot of Mathletics to keep everyone occupied over the break!


Have a lovely weekend,

Miss Marchant

Friday 31st January

Another good week here in 4 Eliot with our trip to Tate Britain to see the Steve McQueen Year 3 exhibition. The children were very excited to see their picture on display and enjoyed exploring some more of the gallery. We even came away with some inspiration for our next art project – a painting by Jeremy Moon.


This year St Stephen’s is taking part in the BBC 500 Word Competition (https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/articles/50pnqLfDywb9CFxjNvth5l0/about-500-words) and therefore will be planning, writing and editing stories in class, ready to enter them. This is an exciting opportunity for us and the children are all more than capable of doing well. However, I understand that some children are doing it outside of School as well which unfortunately is not allowed as they cannot enter twice. It is really great that the children are so keen to partake in a story competition so can I suggest that those done outside of school are entered into the Daunt Books competition instead? This is also a 500 word story so nothing will need to be changed. I hope this makes sense and if you have any further questions then please contact Mrs Pereira or me.


In English, we have started planning our story entries for the competition and have chosen to base ours around a book called ‘The Sage of Erik the Viking’ by Terry Jones. The children are keen to get writing, so I am looking forward to seeing what they produce next week!


Miss Marchant’s Maths:

In Maths, we have continued with our fraction unit, this week focussing on adding and subtracting fractions. The children have taken to fractions really well and are enjoying doing our daily challenges. We started the week by looking at when a fraction becomes a whole, which led on nicely to counting fractions. Using this knowledge, the children were able to say that 2/4 + ¾ = 5/4 but also 1 whole and ¼. Next week, we will be moving on to the slightly harder sub-topic: equivalent fractions. As well as fractions, we have been continuing with our times table practice and have been having battles against each other to keep it fun.



This week you were sent a letter regarding Woodrow House. Thank you to those of you who have already completed and returned the form. Just a reminder if you want your child to have some pocket money for the trip, please bring £5 (in change if possible) to me or the office.


We also have another trip next week, please can pupils all bring a warm coat and a nut free packed lunch.


Please make sure that all children have appropriate outdoor shoes such as walking boots or wellies not just trainers for our residential trip.



Spellings and grammar sentences


Multiplication Facts


Have a lovely weekend,

Miss Marchant

Friday 24th January

Now that assembly practice is over, we are back to our usual routine. The children have loved getting started with our Science and History topics, where we have been making circuits for electricity and researching the Mayans using the laptops. This not only helped us to understand more about Mayan life, but also reminded us how to look up certain information online.

In English, we started planning our own stories based on our class text St. George and the Dragon. We broke the story down into four sections: the setting, the build-up, the action and the resolution/ending. This really helped the class focus their ideas and make sure it was all relevant. We planned these over two days making sure they were as detailed as possible as this would help us when we came to writing the real thing. The children had some great alternatives to George, the dragon, the captive and the setting. As well as changing parts of the story, we also had to think about what spelling words we wanted to use, where we would include speech and what adjectives would help bring the text to life. We then moved on to writing our first draft. I was so pleased with their work. They are full of lovely description, all their spelling words as well as joined up writing.

Miss Marchant’s Maths

This week we started a new topic on fractions. For our first lesson we focussed the on question ‘what is a fraction?’ using cubes and drawings of pizza (always a good way to get the children interested!) and then moved on to counting in fractions and working out when a fraction becomes a whole. This can be a tricky concept but we will continue to practice next week.


We have our trip next week so please remember to bring a nut free packed lunch.

We have a trip the following week as well, more details will be on ParentMail – if anyone would like to help, we still need one more parent helper!


Spellings and grammar


Times tables



Have a lovely weekend,

Miss Marchant




Friday 17th January

Wow, what a great performance by Eliot Class yesterday. I was so pleased with how hard they worked, they knew all their lines perfectly and it all came together on the day! Thank you for all your help with the line learning and song singing, it definitely would have made my job a lot harder without you. A huge thanks also goes out to Miss Tracey and Miss Rachel for all their help with the acting and singing.

On more mundane matters, in English, we have been continuing with our class book St. George and the Dragon. We worked on our comprehension skills, practiced our expanded noun phrases and continued to learn about how and when to use inverted commas. The children are becoming really confident with knowing when someone is speaking in a text as well as being able to tell when a new speaker has come in. This can be tough but has been helped by our rhyme ’66 and 99, new speaker, new line’. Next week we will plan our own versions of the story and I look forward to seeing all their fantastic descriptive writing being put into practice.

Miss Marchant’s Maths
This week, we have been moving forward with our multiplication unit. We started the week learning about correspondence and scaling questions. Correspondence questions are when you are asked to work out a question such as ‘if there are 10 windows on a train and 5 windows on a bus. If there are 135 windows in total, how many trains and buses could there be?’ These can be tricky for children to get their heads around but the class’s strong multiplication knowledge has really helped. We worked on scaling problems yesterday which the children found more straightforward as they were able to apply it to real life. They were given recipes that served 12 for example and needed to edit the ingredients list to make cakes for 24, 36, 48 etc. Today we then started our multiplication and division end of topic test which we will finish next week. The children found this quite hard so please keep practicing times tables over the weekend.

This week we started our History topic where this half term we are looking at the Mayans. So far, we have discussed what we know already and come up with some questions on what we would like to find out by the end of the topic.  Next week we will focus on Mayan artefacts.

Spellings and grammar sentences
Times Table practise
No comprehension

Have a lovely weekend!
Miss Marchant

Friday 10th January 2020

Happy New Year! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. Our first week back has school has flown by and everyone has come back feeling refreshed and ready to learn (me included!).

In English this week we have started our new text ‘George and the Dragon’ by Geraldine McCaughrean. It is a book full of exiting vocabulary and a gripping story, which so far the children are enjoying. We started the week by talking about predicting and inferring. The children were given pictures and quotes from the book and had to predict what was going to happen based on what they could see on their sheets. We then looked through the first part of the story and searched for any exciting or unusual vocabulary for which we could then look up the definitions. This was a useful task, as not only will it help for when we come to write our own version in the coming weeks, but it also allowed us to practice our dictionary skills. We finished off the week acting out parts of the story.

In Maths this week we have carried on with our topic of multiplication. We have focused on the column method of multiplication and have successfully managed to multiply a 3 digit number by a 1 digit number. It can take a lot of practice understanding this more ‘compact’ method (the method you or I would use) but the children have taken to it well and some are all moving on to the challenges. Remember to keep up the times table practice to help make this method even easier. Because we were feeling fairly confident, we were able to move onto word problems, which allowed us to put our mathematical knowledge into practice. Next week we move onto multiplying 3 numbers together and scaling problems.

It is full steam ahead with our assembly, so we won’t be starting our Humanities or Science until it is over. I have attached the script and song lyrics in case anyone loses their script – remember to keep practicing!

Thank you to the parents who have offered to help with our upcoming trip, we always appreciate the support. We have another on the 5th of February so keep an eye out for the letter which will be coming soon.


Just a reminder that school starts at 8:55 am but we still have a lot pupils just getting into school (not the classroom) at 9:00am. Unfortunately this will make mean that those pupils will receive a late mark which will show up on their attendance record.

Next week we have gymnastics on Tuesday so please bring in PE kits.

Coats are a must for this term as well as jumpers – please make sure your child is equipped with both everyday

It is the Spanish meeting next Wednesday at 6.30pm


Comprehension – please complete as many sections as you can.

Spellings and grammar sentences

Times Tables

Have a lovely weekend,

Miss Marchant

Friday 20th December

We made it! We have had a busy week filled with festivities, including Christmas games, watching Christmas films, singing Christmas carols and finished off with a fantastic Christmas quiz. Whilst it has been a great term, it is definitely time for the children to have a well-earned break.

Thank you for such a great autumn term, I have loved teaching the whole class and am looking forward to everything that is to come in the New Year.

Please note there is no other homework over the holidays – everyone has worked hard and deserves a break.

I must also say thank you so much for your gifts, they were all so lovely. I am incredibly grateful and touched by your generosity.

I hope you all have a lovely Christmas and New Year. See you in 2020!

Friday 13th December

Another busy week in 4 Eliot with practicing for the carol concert and nativity viewings, rounded off nicely with DT day. Yesterday for our DT day, we were making Nativity scenes in shoe boxes to be taken home next week as Christmas decorations. The children worked really hard and produced some very creative versions of the Nativity.

I must also thank everyone for a wonderful birthday on Tuesday. Thank you to the pupils for their singing, all their cards and gifts. It made it a really lovely day and I was touched by it all.

In English, we have continued our work on explanation texts, which has been gearing us up to write our own next week. On Monday, we looked through our exemplar text on dishwashers and created our own dictionary based on the vocabulary we did not know. This is a good way to get children using dictionaries and starting to think about using a range of vocabulary. This set us in good stead to start planning our own explanation report. We broke our ideas down into small paragraphs and really began to think precisely about how our own item was going to work. We have had some great invention ideas, from kettles boiling water by using fire breathing dragons, to cows eating the grass as the lawnmower goes along and to elephants powering leaf blowers. What an imaginative class! Of course, whilst planning this we couldn’t forget our spelling words and literary features we have been thinking about, so we came up with some sentences where we could include these in our own text. Next week we will write our first draft, edit it and then write our final version of our explanation texts.

Miss Marchant’s Maths

This week, we have been continuing with our multiplication and division unit and have moved on to the formal written method. To start with we looked at the distributive law and how it linked to the grid method. This is a useful method when first thinking about multiplying larger numbers as it partitions the numbers into their tens and ones to make the calculation more manageable. We then moved onto multiplying numbers using the column method as this will eventually be much quicker and easier for them to use. We will continue to do more of this next week. As always, I can tell the children are practicing their times tables as they are getting quicker at producing the answers – please keep it up!


Please remind all children to bring all items of clothing/bags/lunch boxes home throughout the week.



Spelling and grammar sentences

Multiplication facts



Carol Service song


Book competition

Last year, many of the children at St Stephen’s entered the Daunt Books Children’s Short Story Competition. Indeed we even had some winners from our school over the past few years. What an honour to have three published authors in our own school. This year, I would like to encourage any other keen writers from St Stephens to enter, as it is a wonderful opportunity to write a story for pleasure and potentially see it in print!


The competition is open to all children aged four to fifteen. The story must be all your child’s own work and must be between 300 and 1500 words.

How do I submit?
You should email your story as an attachment to l.pereira@ststephensce.lbhf.sch.uk by Friday 20th February. Please put your child’s name, age and class as the email title and on the story attached.

Eg: Sally- class Y4 Elliot (Age 9)

Please make sure that the stories are typed, double-spaced and single sided. We will then forward all St Stephen’s entries to Daunt bookshop by the closing date. A copy of the children’s stories will be kept in a special folder in the Library for all to read.

Results will be announced in April 2020 and winning stories will be published in during summer term.

Good luck and I look forward to reading your children’s stories!

Lia Pereira.

Have a lovely weekend,

Miss Marchant

Friday 6th December

It’s finally December and we can start talking about Christmas! This week we have decorated the classroom in preparation for the festivities, as well as started linking our art topic to Christmas. The children have been focussing on creating their own Nativity scene that they will then be able to take home as a decoration. For this we will need shoe boxes, so if anyone has any spares that we could use we would greatly appreciate it!

In English we started our new unit of non-fiction writing based on explanation texts. We started the week off by reading through a range of explanation texts and seeing if we could come up with a list of common features that we will then be including in our own explanation texts. We came up with: diagrams, title, sub-title, topic specific vocabulary, time connectives and an introduction as well as our spelling words and our literary features such as fronted adverbials, expanded noun phrases and alliteration. We then introduced our new class text called ‘How does a dishwasher work?’ As we read through the text, the class soon realised all was not as it originally seemed and this particular dishwasher is operated by cats sneaking up a ramp behind the dishwasher and cleaning all the dirty, disgusting plates with their tongues. This of course caught the children’s attention and they are very keen to be writing their own version of how everyday appliances work with a small twist.

Miss Marchant’s maths:

This week we have started thinking about our multiplication and division unit. We have focussed on the commutative law (where AxB is the same as BxA), factor pairs and division facts. All of this consolidation of our times tables will stand us in good stead for moving onto the formal written method for multiplication next week. We have been continuing with our times table challenge at the start of every lesson. The children have two minutes to answer as many multiplication questions on the sheet as possible. Doing this regularly has really improved how many they can do, with most children answering 30+ questions. It’s so great to see all the practice they are doing at home.

In RE we have looked at the Beatitudes of Jesus. These are a list of blessings that Jesus preached at the Sermon on the Mount which offer a moral code which is still relevant today. The children were given a sheet with the eight Beatitudes and had to order them from what they thought were the most to the least important. Next week, we will move on to our topic based on Christmas.


Times tables

Spelling and grammar



Have a lovely weekend,

Miss Marchant


IMPORTANT – We are now up to 15 people on Google Classroom – please can the rest of you log in today so we are all up and running for tomorrow! Thank you to those that have already.

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