Year 4

Welcome to the class page for Year 4 Eliot. Here you can find out everything we’ve been up to during the week, as well as our homework tasks.

Our teacher is Mr Perry  and our TA is Miss Cummings.


We hope you are as glad to be back to school as we are and despite the challenging times we live in we aim for the day to day running of the class to be as normal as possible.

We look forward to getting to know you all as the year progresses.

Kind Regards

Mr Perry


It must be half-termly by now! 19/09/2020

Dear Parents

Did we have a summer holiday? When was it? It seems so far away…cue a bit of winging and sobbing in a corner…followed by a large glass of wine!

These past few weeks (and over the half term)  I am getting to know the children’s learning habits through classroom activities, informal assessments and looking at their gaps, particularly in light of missing so much of the Year 3 curriculum due to Covid.  These do not count in any way in a formal manner, but purely as a way of helping them recall learning and for me to look at how I can support them better. Don’t be alarmed if your child moves into different class groups and there may be movement in the maths classes in the coming weeks as Mrs Jeffrey and I get to know the children.

We have started our maths and English topics in earnest. In maths, my group have looked at face value, understanding the value of parts of four digit numbers and what happens to them when we add to or subtract from those numbers. Finally toward the end of the week we have looked at what happens to numbers when we round them to the nearest 10 or 100 and the rules that inform the method.  We have also continued our work on the 6 times tables (there will be an informal test next week). My group have some maths stuck into their homework books and a little on Mathletics to help show their learning.

Homework – Please see opposite for the homework which will be spelling, comprehension and math’s.

In RE we have completed some work looking at our class spiritual word –Trust. The children have written prayers and created a front page with their bible verse in their RE books based on their idea of Trust in each other, close family and most importantly – God. We also have started our worldwide religious topic on understanding what Buddhism is and where it started , by looking at the story of Prince Siddhartha – who of course went on to later become The Buddha.

Today we held class elections for school council. The children voted for who would be our school council. Well done to all those who went for it.

Speaking of elections,  we also saw the videos and presentations prepared by the Year 6s and voted for the house captains. As a prior Year 6 teacher I know how important these elections are and told my class just how the confidence of many house captains have risen as a result of being elected, the amazing fund raising they have been a part of and the pivotal role they have in school daily life. The children took the responsibility of voting very seriously and I am sure they have made excellent choices.

Just to round off I would like to say your children are certainly a group full of character and energy. I see myself having a long bath before sinking into my couch every Friday when the week ends with a glass of wine and a box set on Netflix as I try to recover ;). Seriously though they are wonderful children and I am having great fun teaching them.   They are a credit to you!

Kind regards

Mr Perry

Yay it's Friday ! 11th September 2020

Dear Parents ,

This will be short as I am planning to head home to collapse on my sofa and catch up on one of my favorite historical fiction shows!

The first week back with the children can often be shattering, but in the same way very rewarding. I am starting to get to know your children and I look forward to continuing to do so over the coming weeks and months. They are quite a bunch of characters that is for sure 🙂 .

Well done to Conrad, Rose and Lolly as our stars of the week. They were chosen not just for fitting in so well to their new class and school, but also for individually showing me just some of their positive talents. They will be great for this school and for Class Eliot!

Just a few notes before I go. I hope you are now aware of our timetable and know that for this term we have three sports sessions, so the children will need to be in PE kits Monday, Tuesday and Friday.

Library books are changed every two weeks and the children will be in two groups of 15. They will attend a library session with Mrs Pereira every other week.

Homework will start this week and will be due in every Tuesday. On a normal week it will be very similar to what they would be used to from Year 3.

They will have spellings where the sentences will be written in their homework books and we will have a test every Thursday. They will usually get a comprehension or some work related to our Science and Humanity topics and we will set Mathletics online for our math’s groups. The comprehension should also be completed by Tuesday and the Mathletics for my group by Thursday.

Phew glad I got that out of the way. Please do not hesitate to contact me on my email. I usually check them in the morning of a school day first thing and throughout the day until around 6 or 7 pm. I promise I will not ignore you though 🙂

Have a great weekend.

Kind Regards

Mr Perry

Welcome Back Monday 7th September 2020

Welcome to Year 4 Eliot!
I hope you had a wonderful summer holiday and are ready to start the new school year. It is of course a fresh start for all of us, as I too am in new territory teaching Year 4 after nine years in Year 6. I always loved teaching Year 4 (I taught Year 4s for five years before going to year 6) and they are at a lovely age in their development and also they begin to get my humor (or lack of)  as well. It is fantastic once again to meet new families, siblings of old students and to welcome our three new children. We are all in this together as we start our year 4. I look forward to getting to know your children (and you of course) in the coming weeks and months ahead.
Miss Kaisa has been wonderfully helpful over the last few days and we thank her. She will be moving on to other challenges soon and we welcome a new member of staff who will be our TA – Miss Cummins. She has over twenty years’ experience as a TA and is a welcome member of the Year 4 team. As I am sure you are aware – Miss Tracy will be working next door with Mrs Jeffrey.
They have begun today sharing about themselves by creating a coat of arms that represent them and have included with them topics such as family, interests and talents. They have learnt a bit more about me and my interests, hobbies and expectations. I look forward to hearing more about their own summer and what they love to do in their play time. In light of the times we live in, we have also discussed what would be the same and what would be different in school because of new and ever changing Government guidelines about keeping us all safe. The children have been following the new guidelines sensibly.
Our timetable will look similar to previous Year 4 timetables and the new timetable will be published on this blog in the next day or so. In Maths – Year 4 will be split into two groups. I will be teaching the more independent group and Mrs Jeffrey will be teaching the other group supported by additional adults. On Mondays (Gymnastics), Tuesdays (Cricket) and Fridays (PE – Kick London) the children should come into school in their PE clothes which they will keep on for the rest of the day. Having cricket is a wonderful bonus the children have once a year for half a term, this term being our turn. The weather looks fine and warm this week but make sure your child has long track suit trousers/joggers and a school cardigan or jumper for the cooler days ahead. There will be no trips planned until further notice.
Reading books will not be issued this week but will go out every Monday and should be returned by Friday when they will be ‘quarantined’. Children will visit the school library every 2 weeks for 15 minutes only. Homework will be issued every Friday and should be returned by Tuesday. Mathletics tasks are part of the weekly homework and should be completed weekly.
I am looking to meeting you all properly but at the moment, all adults are encouraged to leave the school site as soon as you have picked up your children. Please do email me with any questions. If you would like to discuss anything in detail – we can arrange a face-to-face meeting or a Zoom call.

My email is a.perry@ststephensce.lbhf.sch.uk

Kind Regards
Alex Perry

Homework 18/09/2020


All homework due on Tuesday 22nd September please. Spelling tests will usually be on a Friday.

Week 2 18.09.20 Different Homophones

For spellings this week I have asked the children to choose the trickier words to use in their spelling sentences so they can understand their context. Especially important as we are looking at homophones again.

Second Comprehension 18.09.20

Reading to be completed in their books again on the text from Michael Rosen please. We have not given them the sheets in their books as we are doing our bit (when we can) for the rain forests.


My math’s group to be practicing their 6 times tables.

Both the teachers have stuck work related to their learning in their books. These are to be completed for Tuesday please.

Mathletics has been set for our groups based on class learning in the week.


Week 1 11.09.20  Spelling Homophones

To be completed in their homework books. They will be informed of their spelling groups which may change over the coming weeks.

First comprehension 11.09.20

Questions to be completed in their

homework books.


For the next few weeks we are concentrating on our time tables. The children have their Mathletics log ins and there are tasks set for them.


Timetable and Curriculum Plan

Curriculum Map 2020-2021

Timetable Eliot