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Good morning parents and carers,

Thank you for all of your support in home schooling.

Do email us with any questions, thoughts or even just to say hello! We will enjoy hearing from you and reading and seeing what the children are up to.

Best wishes

Miss Hall and Miss Whiting


Class Updates

Arts week!

What an exciting week we have in store! I love Arts week! It is one of my favourite weeks of the year!

There are lots of activities set on the Arts week page that you can choose from. Each morning on the 9am zoom Miss Hall and I will make suggestions of what activities we think would be good for the day but ultimately the decision is up to you. Aim to do at least 2 activities a day (10 for the week). Each day, please bring a long work to share in our 3pm zoom. I’d love to see all of your incredible work!

I have also set lots of activities you can choose from on Busy Things.

You will still have your live English on Tuesday and live Maths on Thursday along with Mr Schumm’s live lesson on Tuesday.

Here are the final chapters our Year 2 book ‘The Magic Faraway Tree’:

Chapter 27

Chapter 28

Chapter 29

Have an amazing week!

Miss Whiting

Friday 26th February

Good morning superstars!

What has been your favourite part of the week? Why don’t you draw a picture of it or write diary entry about it?

Here is chapter 26 of ‘The Magic Faraway Tree’ by Enid Blyton:



For today’s English task, I would like you to punctuate the sentences on your sheet. Read the sentences and add the missing capital letters, full stops, commas, question marks and exclamation marks. You will find the worksheet in JIT. Here is your video lesson for today:



**Please don’t worry if you haven’t understood fractions. It’s a difficult topic and we will be going over it in detail once all the children are back in school. It’s helpful that the children have been introduced to the idea of a fraction as part of a whole and that they have started to hear the mathematical terms numerator and denominator. The rest will come!**


Today there is no sheet. The children will be thinking about how to share cupcakes equally when there is one left over. They will be coming up with their own story to use as an example and will just need a piece of paper and a pencil.



Today we will be thinking about a movement of art called ‘Abstract Art’. We will learn about a key abstract artist who loved music and will be our inspiration today.

I will talk about Abstract art before taking you through what we will be creating today, step-by-step:



In RE we will be thinking a bit more carefully about why the school we go to is named St Stephens. Why is he important? What can we learn from him?

You should be able to answer these questions, once you have watched the video:


Offline Activity

Today I would like you to do something really kind for each person in your house. It could be saying something kind, making them some lunch, reading them a story or helping with the washing. Kindness spreads so see if you can see the kindness bouncing back or carrying on…


See you at 3pm. If not, have a fantastic weekend!

Thursday 25th February

Good morning everybody!


Keep up the amazing work!


Have you ever done yoga? It is great to try new things!

Have a go with Cosmic Yoga: 



Here is chapter 25 of ‘The Magic Faraway Tree’ by Enid Blyton:



In English you are going to be using conjunctions in sentences. For your first activity, you need to insert the correct conjunction into the written sentences. After this, I would like you to write a paragraph about the story using the conjunctions in your word bank. Try to extend your sentences by using expanded noun phrases. You will find today’s sheet in JIT.


Here is your video lesson for today:



Here’s a video and activity to support this learning:




Today we are continuing to apply our fraction knowledge to numbers. We’re going to be finding a fraction of a number of apples. For the task, it would be fantastic if the children could have some coins or counters ready as a substitute for fruit which they can use to help them divide the number of apples or bananas into equal groups.



Today we are learning more about the different types of mini beasts and working out how we can group them.



Relationships and Health Education

Today I will be reading ‘My mouth is a Volcano’ and you will then have a chance to reflect on your feelings. Let’s find out first what the author means by a mouth being ‘like a volcano’, I will then explain today’s task:




You will find today’s handwriting sheets in JIT.


Offline Activity

Loo roll animals! Today you can turn your loo roll holders into animals. There is sheet with instructions and templates in JIT. Here is a quick step-by-step which you can use if you don’t have a printer (no need for the templates just draw straight onto the back of a cereal packet): 

Have a great day everybody!

Wednesday 24th February

Good morning!


Fancy an active start to the day? Have a go at a Jo Wickes workout: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAxW1XT0iEJo0TYlRfn6rYQ


Here is chapter 24 of ‘The Magic Faraway Tree’ by Enid Blyton:






For English today, we are going to be considering the thoughts, feelings and actions of the well-known character Katie Morag. Firstly, you need to re-read the story ‘Katie Morag Delivers the Mail’. Katie Morag came across several obstacles on her journey. I want you to think carefully about how she felt, what she was thinking and what she did at the different moments I’ve selected on your work sheet. Remember to always explain why. You will find today’s worksheet in JIT. Here is today’s video lesson:



Today we will be applying all our learning about finding a fraction of a shape to numbers. We are going to learn how to find a fraction of a number. We need to know what the numerator is and what the denominator is. Don’t worry if you’ve forgotten because we will recap at the start.  We’ll be working with apples so if you’ve got some in the kitchen go and get them now!



We are off on a Treasure Hunt!

First off, you need to understand how to read a map and give directions. Watch the video to get you started:



For Spanish today you will be focusing on numbers!

See inside Wednesday’s Busy Things Folder.

You can watch this video and try to join in to warm yourself up!


Offline Activity

Can you see any clouds in the sky? Look at the shapes and textures that you can see. If you cannot see any clouds in the sky (lucky you!), you might want to see if you can remember what clouds look like.

Did any of the clouds look like something else? 


You might be thinking, ‘What are clouds?’

Clouds are made up of lots of tiny water droplets floating in the sky. They are at different heights.


Now, with a pencil and paper try to draw the clouds. Perhaps, like a Surrealist artist, you could turn them into something else. Could you add ears or eyes to make them into something. Keep turning the paper around to see if you can see anything in your drawing.


If you’re really interested to find out more about clouds, go to the following website.




Tuesday 23rd February

Good morning Year 2!


Here is chapter 23 of ‘The Magic Faraway Tree’ by Enid Blyton:


Music with Miss Whiting:

Today in music we are going to be learning the song ‘When I grow up’ from Matilda. You will find the lyrics in today’s folder in JIT.



For English today I would like you to start by reading through the book ‘Kate Morag Delivers the Mail’, which you can find on JIT. You will find today’s worksheet in JIT. Here is your video lesson:



Today we will be finding out about the numerator and the denominator. These are really important terms which we need to remember as they will help us with all our fraction work.



You have your live Humanities lesson with Mr Schumm on zoom where you will be continuing ot learn all about the Victorians.



Today you can have a go at ‘Puzzling Paths’ and ‘Helicopter rescue’ in today’s Busy Things folder. There are all sorts of activities in there, so if you would rather do something else, just take a look in the other folders!


Offline Activity

Today you are going to reflect!

Think of…

  1. An activity you have done for the first time during lockdown. Have you baked something new? Learnt something new? Created a new dance? Jo Wicks?
  2. Something you have done or made which you are proud
  3. Something that made you laugh. This could be something somebody said or did or something you watched…


Take a couple of minutes now and think about these different activities which you have done during the lockdown. If you have a diary you could write them directly in there, if not, write them and draw them in a notebook or on a piece of paper.


Have a brilliant day! I can’t wait to see you at 3 o’clock.

Monday 22nd February

Welcome back!

We are so excited to see you at 9am to kick start the new half term!

Before you start your work today, take a moment to think about, write about or draw something that you are grateful for. It might be your happiest moment in half term, it might be a person or it might be a toy or game!

Here is chapter 22 of ‘The Magic Faraway Tree’ by Enid Blyton:



Have lots of fun and get that heart racing with today’s dance lesson:



For today’s lesson you are going to be using drama to explore alternative endings. Here is your video lesson along with a break of the lesson below:

Task one:

Start reading the book and stop at various points to predict what you think will happen next. Use the illustrations for clues. Stop at the point where Katie Morag falls into the water. The final line will be ‘She slipped on a slithery stone and fell into the water, mailbag and all.’ At this point, I would like you to predict what you think will happen next.

You will find the PDF of the book ‘Kate Morag Delivers the Mail’ on JIT.

Task two:

As a household, your second task for today is to create and perform the scene for what you predicted would happen next. Think about why you think this will happen next. Decide who is going to play what character. The character options are Katie Morag, baby Liam, Mr McColl, Mrs McColl and Grannie. To help get into your chosen role, really think about how you would feel if this were to happen to you.

Task three:

To finish, read the final few pages of the book and discus whether you liked the ending or not and why. How did it compare to what you wanted to happen? Do you think the author made a wise choice in choosing this ending?

Here is a video of Miss Whiting reading the story to listen to once you have finished your work:

And Miss Hall reading the book:



Today we’re starting a new topic and it’s fractions! We are going to be finding out what a fraction is and looking at how we can represent a fraction as part of a shape. This follows on nicely from our last topic which was shape.


Offline Activity

For today’s offline activity, all you need is a pencil and paper. You are going to sit at your window for a couple of minutes and just watch the world go by! If you can see a tree or any greenery even better! This is a ‘looking’ exercise, so really focus and look at the colours and small details as much as you can for a couple of minutes. Everything that you saw in those couple of minutes you are going to draw on your paper. If you saw a bird flying past, a bee or a fly, a gust of wind blowing the leaves, a car passing, record all of these things on your paper in a drawing.


What season are we in? Are any of the things that you saw a sign that we are in this season?



Please find our Year 2 timetable:

Year 2 – Timetable


spring 2 week 1

Red Words

Feed the Birds:


Instructions on how to upload to JIT:

Uploading to JIT

Here is our Spring poem:

Each Peach Pear Plum