Design and Technology

Children are fascinated by design and have always enjoyed designing and building their own ‘products’ in class.They are so keen to get started but don’t always get the time to finish! We understand the importance of 3D design and that it is a process that can’t always be rushed! As a result, we allow the children to fully explore both small and larger scale design in a whole school, termly ‘DT day’ at St Stephen’s. 

In collaboration with external consultants with specialist knowledge (including architects, designers and artists) the children are given the whole day to design and make purposeful, functional and appealing products.  Working this way allows them the time to properly explore and develop their designs and to use a wider range of tools, materials and equipment.  

Our DT days aim to celebrate and highlight good design and allow the children to really ‘get stuck in’ for the whole day! They also allow teachers the time to explain the design process more fully and to give more thorough explanations of designers’ work to inspire and educate the children. 
The DT days have been an excellent way to show children and staff that design is a collaborative process: The children have had to work closely with each other during these days and our staff have always enjoyed working alongside the many designers that have joined our classes. 
We welcome many more designers to come and join us in our future DT days!